Fishsticks Bio-Cube HQI 29Gallon Build. Follow me once more. :D

got a 2nd membrane installed along with a 8800 booster pump. ill post pics of the new set up, im not too sure of my ratio now. ill run some test, also i have new coral :D
got a few snaps of new tank mates and new coral, new additions = yellow clown goby, mystery wrasse, mccosker wrasse, some coral i dont know the name, meteor shower, and plate coral. the mccosker wrasse i am taking out, i know i made a mistake by adding 2 wrasse's in a small tank, they do not fight but i can see tension growing in them when they swim by eachother.




I love that second wrasse! Absolutley stunning.

:(, i actually got rid of him/her today. it was being an asshole. i looked up that mccosker wrasse and it said friendly, and the mystery wrasse said docile. weird the mccosker was being mean like act all tough, but not attack like u know try an swim up an scare away the mystery. now the tank seems calm :D. next fish will be a randalls goby