Fishsticks Bio-Cube HQI 29Gallon Build. Follow me once more. :D

mine is a older model so hopefullly ill be ok :-) yours looks awesome! are you using the bioballs or removed em?

no no remove the bioballs, the new one has a glass back with a clear window so u can hang a fuge light in the back ill post a pic, but my old one i had removed the bioballs and filled it with liverock rubble. i like the old one as far as the peace of mind of using plastic instead of glass back. also i rec u buy a chiller or keep ur lid open, well it depends where u live. im in sunny cali LA so its always warm i had to buy a small 1/20 artic chiller that worked nicely, i will b using that chiller on this 150w mh
this was my old biocube 29

here is a snap of my new jbj mini arctica chiller, have it set to 78. it keeps the water at 78.1 to 78.6. so 78 :P.


i also received my MLC module for my reefkeeper lite. mlc is used to mimic moonlight automatically, some nights its bright some nights not, it does it automatically. 2 nights running an its a beautiful thing im happy about it. also i had to mod a way to get it near my light here r some pics of the installation.





i paid only 150 but that price is at a discount. i do hvac for the petstore so they showed me love.
usually they run for 269+ i think im not sure. but nomore than 300. that metal halide is no joke eh curtis lol, u can literally cook something on that glass.
also i am going to get a piece of glass cut the same size as the metal grill that sits infront of the light that way the heat is trapped an forced out to the sides instead of coming down on the glass that sites on the tank.
ill post pics of that project, also im adding algae in the fuge section in the rear of the tank see how that works out. i picked also picked up the rec fuge light for the biocube system.
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but i think u told me ur getting the pc light biocube, on that system i really didnt need a chiller. depends on how warm ur room is, but i would get one alot of the time these enclosed small systems keep heat trapped in. but the biocube pc is built well with 2 fans for the lights.
I have the pc but both of my fans I cannot get to work even after bicube sent me two new ones. Just don't work... And right now I have two 10k pc bulbs jn it.. It got too hot yesterday. So idk what to do
i dont know what that last coral is called, does it do anything??? also the chalice i have i know it isnt special but, how much is a piece like that worth? 20$?