Fishsticks Bio-Cube HQI 29Gallon Build. Follow me once more. :D


No clue about reefs
hello all as some of u know i sold my big 100gallon project, i calculated the time an effort it takes to run a tank like that an i just couldnt do it. so i went back down to my old tank, but this time its an upgraded version hope u all enjoy this build.
a quick full tank shot set up, ill post some better pics tomorrow.

Yeah, I think you'll enjoy a smaller tank much better...big tanks are great to have, but a whole lot of maintenance, and everyone don't have that type of time or money to run them. So I understand your decision and look forward to seeing it come together. :)
some pics of my aquascape i think its called :P. im very excited about this small build, the scape by far is amazing to mee, :D i think i did well. tell me what yaw think.
also ordered another reefkeeper lite system. i also have the light for the fuge n the back, ill post a pic soon.


yea zissou wish i can actually show it in person, took me a while finding pieces an stuff an to put it together was another thing. i lucked up with the center piece that screamed get me. ill try an film a short clip to get a better idea of how much surface area i have an the lil bridge i made. lol its just rock but im excited about how it looks already i can imagine it with coral all over
well my newly set up tank sprung a leak :grumble::grumble::grumble::grumble::grumble::grumble::frustrat::frustrat::frustrat::frustrat:, does anyone know how the oceanic company goes about this? what they require or how good they r with this, also do they send out stuff quickly?
i got a chiller now, was wondering if someone with controller knowledge help me out. do u rec i connect the chiller to my reefkeeper lite to control the chiller or just run the chiller separately??? also i have some pics of my redesigned rock work.. also oceanic replaced my cube asap they are great with the exchanges and warranty. just need to post pics of ur tank where it was an how it was set up, and a pic of the receipt and all done.
yah i am waiting on there package right now! they are sending me everything i need for my biocube! the best customer service! where did yours start leaking from?
curtis i tell ya i tell ya what a nightmare seeing my baby leak lol.
rear chamber where the pump sits, long crack from top to bottom. :(
what sucks so bad was i waited an waited to drop coral n an the day before i was ready it sprung a leak..
here are some pics of the new tank, yea looks the same :P.


i tried cleaning up the wires, all of them are zip-tied an cleaned in the back also.
i also have the oceanic fuge light hanging in the back, ill post a pic of that so u guys can see how it looks an runs.


here is a bridge i put together in the tank i built two, to give the tank some funkiness and make it different from the usual rock stacking.



big pic of the completed rock work. next week this time sat/sun i should be ready for my first piece of coral. fingers crossed, nomore leaks i hope.

no good... makes me worry lol. i hope mine doesnt ever do that :-/

yea be careful what makes this suck so bad is that i owned the older 29biocube and that never sprung a leak, and the rear wall isnt a piece of glass it used to be plastic. much much stronger as far as taking hits an vibrating. the new ones seems more fragile.
mine is a older model so hopefullly ill be ok :-) yours looks awesome! are you using the bioballs or removed em?