Fishsticks Bio-Cube HQI 29Gallon Build. Follow me once more. :D

thanks fellas :D.
i want to trade that last coral for some zoas or something with alot of color, ill take it into my petstore tomorrow..
also has anyone every seen yellow zoas? i seen some at this petstore called vivid aquariums, it was wild. they had yellow zoas and a yellow plate coral. 500$ for the yellow plate coral, when i say yellow i mean yellow like this guy:bounce:
i have seen some crazyyyy yellow zoas, the store wouldnt frag them though :-( as they were in the main display tank..
i hate it when they do that, yea these were not like gold or a brownish color. these were as yellow as a banana bright also. i will go back in a week or 2 hopefully get a head or 2
Went to the CFM this weekend, was pretty cool. posting pics of the place an some vendor corals.




yea it was pretty chill in there, some very very nice pieces they had. most expensive piece I seen was a chLice that was bright pink an had other weird colors n it. roughly 3oo an eye
working on mods for the biocube hqi, installing the stunner led lights for color pop, installing the 453blue first i just ordered the magenta color. :D quick pic of just the 453 blue, and soon the magenta will be coming to pic up the other colors the blue cant.