Fishsticks Custom 130Gallon Rimless, LED Build

So what is your return pump rated at? And how high above the water line are those lights? This thing is looking have a lot of patience to leave it empty for so long. I can't wait to see this in action.
HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO everyone i bet some of u have been wondering where has fishsticks gone, well maybe not. im back with pics after months an months of building an being lost im finally up an running. :bounce: enough chatter time for pics.





u can see the 5gallon jug i have of r/o di water that is used with my ATO system.

u can see i really did a full remodel of my room, nomore carpet i have hardwood floors now,new paint, new lighting, new bed, new tv, new door, new rugs, new everything sheesh. lol


Ty bl1, smitty, Dana, biff, the lights r 2 60D ecorays... question how do I keep the fuge a success what do I drop n there an what do I feed the pods. there is a bunch in there and also worms like worms with a million legs
I still have to clean up some of the wires an stuff an get alot of liverock, but since I have pods an living things n the tank now. I must add liverock slowly maybe 10 pounds a week
For a fuge, you just need some live rock (some people use rubble) and some macroalgae (chaeto is the best kind to keep in there). Some people also add a deep sand bed (6 inches or more). You can seed the fuge with a bottle of pods, but given enough time, the pods will colonize it on their own. You don't need to do anything to feed the pods if the fuge is hooked up to your tank -- it will get nutrients the same way the other inhabitants do.
I wanted to raise my ph so I bought Kent superbuffer -dkh says it stabilizes and raises ph. in the back it says ph an alkalinity and dkh I'm confused. if I add this product to get my ph to 8.3 will my alkalinity go way high? or does ph an alkalinity work together a good ph equals a good alkalinity? I'm confused
What is your ph at now? It doesn't need to be at 8.3. High 7's is fine.

If you want to raise your alk while keeping ph up, you can use soda ash from Bulk Reef Supply. Use the sodium bicarbonate if you want to keep alk up but ph down. But you shouldn't need to worry about alk until you get your corals going.
ok ph is now at a steady 8.1 with the dosing i gave it, the pods an stuff are still all living. also i was wondering if i can add this to the fuge an is it good???

Just dont put it in your DT lol i made that mistake...well not much choice in my mantis tank but attaches to LR and is really hard to get rid of. In a fuge, AWSOME.