93g cube of AWESOME!

Superman monti that was bleached made a full recovery and is encrusting onto the rock!

Hungry meat coral

Hungry baby meat coral


And that's it for now boys and girls!! :D
Thanks guys :) I will have to spend some time on my day off and see if I can catch some pictures of all my fish. They are so darn fast and end up being a blur on my iPhone.
Decided to take a short video of my engineer goby. I've had him about 4-5 months now and his stripes are starting to change. I actually think they are starting to look really cool now. They are also darkening to a yellowish tank color. They still look white in the video though. I call him grumpy bc his stripes make him look grumpy all the time :) anyways hope you enjoy.

Nice vid...very cute fish. You should do video tank updates like Erin does...I would but dont have a way to shoot it.
Thanks guys. Yea I would do video updates but a lot of the time my phone won't upload the video if it's too long..which is super annoying lol. I will try to do an update of the whole tank today, video style :)