Giving it a second try


Reefing newb
I’ve had alot of freshwater fish in the past and had my first salt water aquarium about a few years ago. I really had the system going until I did a few rookie mistakes and my tank crashed for the first time. As a highschooler I didnt have much money to start over easily so I gave up. Few years later I’ve never lost the feeling of getting another tank and my girlfriend’s betta fish recently died so she has an empty 5g and I just thought, what if i make a pico tank:D. It would be just a coral and small invert tank as im aware a fish would be too much bioload for a tank this size. Im not exactly a total rookie as I did alot of research the first time around I got into reefing but im still a major noob so I decided to come back to this lovely forum where I learnt what little I know about reefing. I’ve read protein skimmers shouldnt really be used in tanks so small and that hob canister filters eventually just end up becoming nitrate factories. If im not mistaken then, as far as actual equipment all I need is good lighting and a power head to maintain good turnover and for filtration, live sand and rock and weekly water changes? If so, what powerheads would you suggest? For lighting im considering the light in the link below. The light description mentions its sufficient for all except high light sps corals, is this accurate? Any other light fixtures that you would recommend for a 5g pico? Lastly what sort of clean up crew would be good for a tank this size? Sorry for all the questions guys and thanks in advance!
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