93g cube of AWESOME!

Yes he looks much better off. I wasn't sure what to expect with the first one so when it wasn't actively swimming around and exploring I just took it as a passive fish but this guy is not passive at all! He seems as though he is completely comfortable even though he was just placed in the tank.
Glad to see that the tank is doing so well! It's kinda funny how many of the same things that have happened to you have also happened to my tank as well. I had a monti that bleached because it was being nipped by a Sailfin and a Coral Beauty, so I got rid of those and after 4 months of nothing it's now back and growing everywhere! I too had a Copperband but it only lasted about a week. Made me sad, was a great looking fish. What is you Wrasse list in the tank now? I lost my Tonazu, But I now have a Clown Fairy, and Blue Fairy Flasher, a Yellow Coris, Mystery, Christmas Wrasse and another type of Blue Fairy. Love them! Most active fish in the tank and are doing so well! We haven't seen an update in a while, but I hope all is still well with you and your tank.
Yea that is kinda funny mono. These are the wrasses I have

Lyretail hogfish
Melanurus wrasse
Christmas wrasse
New Guinea wrasse
Mccoskers flasher wrasse
Tamarin wrasse

Lots of wrasses lol it's a very very active tank! I will have to take pics and update on the tank soon but for now here is a video of my engineer goby. I have had him since he was a juvi. Now he looks like he has fully matured and is getting more and more outgoing.

Mature Engineer goby - YouTube
Thanks guys. No not hard at all! Just make sure to have your whole scape epoxied together bc they have huge burrows under the rock work
My rockwork isn't epoxied lol. And mine is like 8ish inches. I got it kind of stacked and burrowed in the sand. He has little tunnels all over the place though :P. It's a awesome fish :).
Loving the tank. Can't wait until my corals have grown that much.

I too have an Engineer Goby ( 8-9"). He has little tunnels everywhere. He constantly is peeking out from under a new part of my rocks!
Reefnoob it's a lined tamarin wrasse

Lined Wrass
Anampses lineatus Max Length: 5 inch Range: Red Sea and Indian Ocean Feeding: Varied diet Aquarium Compatibility: Reef safe
I would not recommend Maroons. After carefully selecting the fish I wanted to stock before I put the clowns in, I finally add them a year later and they quickly bullied both of my wrasse to death. Ocellaris would be much safer :)
:O! I just got rid of 2 maroon clowns and 2 occelaris today for credit at my LFS. I would of gave em to you for free lol. I picked up a GBTA that's like 10" fully extended. If it splits, I'll give you a clone for free (Not sure how long that takes for it to happen though)
Hey guys. Haven't updated in a bit. I decided I wanted to get some bubble tip anemones and a clownfish. I ended up getting a snowflake clown. We named him drift :) I got a rose bubble tip anemone and I'm getting another one on Monday. It's doing we'll so far. Hasn't moved further than an inch from where I placed it. All the other fish and corals are Doing well. Some exciting news, I got a Nikon d5100 :) my hubby bought it for me. Sadly I don't have a macro lens bc they are way way too expensive. But it takes some nice photos, way better than iPhone pics. Now I can actually show you my fish!














That's it until I can upload more pictures onto the computer.