93g cube of AWESOME!

Took the plunge and got a copperband tonight. He's been in the store for two weeks and is eating frozen so I hope I have success with him. Hubby named him Sebastian before we left the store haha

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUq2bFqX1q4&feature=share&list=UUqkIyoc4Naod7a2qVaQHhJA]Copperband butterfly introduction - YouTube[/ame]
those are tough fish for captivity and he's thin but hope you have good luck since he was eating frozen at the LFS and can plump him up!

and it's my first time watching your videos with your narration. you have a really pleasant voice, haha.
I have a sad update guys. The first night the copperband seemed fine, 24 hours later the next night I checked on him before bed and he was lying on his side. Checked on him again during the night and he had died. I have no clue as to why. He was at the lfs for 2 weeks and I saw with my own eyes he was eating PE mysis. Maybe he was just too skinny and the transition didn't go well. Idk, but I'm really bummed bc now that I don't have a job I feel like I wasted money. I talked to my lfs and he said he would hook me up and I could try again bc I dont think it was anything I did that killed the fish in only 24 hours. Usually something is previously wrong with the fish when they die that fast and I was sure to acclimate him slowly and carefully knowing that they are sensitive fish. So hopefully within the next couple days I can try a new one.
I am so sorry hon, sometimes it just happens. Really sucks but I dont think you did anything wrong.
I feel the same pain...my blenny died in three days obviously he starved and chichi warned me but I didn't catch it....been disappointed in myself since...highly
Thanks for the consoling words guys. It just sucks when it happens like that. But good news, I went to my lfs and had him test my water just in case and I did a water change last night just like I normally do and everything came up fine. He had three other coppers. Two were new and the third was there when we bought our first one. So we got the other that had been there longest. Had him feed all three two different types of food. And just sat back and watched how they all acted. The new ones didn't really show too much interest but the one that was there previously was eating and was the most outgoing. I told my hubby to decided whether he wanted to try again so the blame isnt on me hahaha. So we got it. Currently in the bag on the way home. Also got some zoas but those are for my 10g. Wish me luck guys! If this doesn't work out I'm not gettin another.
Thanks guys :) here's a little video of the new guy. It looks very hopeful so far! He is already very active and swimming around picking at whatever little critters he can find!

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOquAPm-NgE&feature=share&list=UUqkIyoc4Naod7a2qVaQHhJA]Copperband butterfly fish - YouTube[/ame]
Best of luck! Also, when you get yourself set up with shipping equipment for frags, and my tank is ready, I'd love to take some frags off your hands. My tank won't be ready for a while, so no rush :p