93g cube of AWESOME!

brittany - just read through the whole thread. i love being gone for a while and getting to see it all happen at once. this is awesome, awesome, awesome!

what ever happened with the red-slime? was it a flow issue? no more troubles with it?

i really like your photos and the colors you've picked!
@jwaf My crap looks like its going to fall?? Lmao do you mean crab??

@marco Thanks! I made a little refugium in my sump and put some macro algae in there and siphoned out all the red slime a couple times and it hasn't grown back. Now the slime seems to be growing in the sump with the macro algae :/

The tank looks good but has been going through a rough patch. The wall hammer is on the decline. It has brown jelly disease and it's pretty much a goner and I haven't even had it a week. I have a zoa colony that suddenly closed up and won't open up all the way anymore. I have a wrasse buried in the sand somewhere and my acros are still rtning. I went to go get glass cut for baffles today so I can make my 29g a sump and all they had was acrylic which was very expensive.. Thanks for the kind words everyone, the tank has kinda been stressin me out lately.
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you got a lot going on. try to break it up into small issues with small resolutions and tackle them one by one and you'll feel much better in no time. trying to jump to OMFG beautiful tank in fell swoop is not only detrimental to your psyche but your motivation in having such a really special addition to your home. head up and work through it like you did the red slime!

usually any hardware store or local store can cut pane glass for you. instead of paying a premium for 1/4" or thicker, just take two sheets of pane and glue them together for 1/4" thick panes. just be careful handling them and apply a small amount of silicone and mesh together and put some even weight on them.

it's really cheap and just as effective. it's what i did when i couldn't find baffles for my DIY sump.

i know a lot of folks use plexi or alternate media for a DIY glass tank but you really shouldn't mix. you adhere acrylic with acrylic and glass with glass and use different adhesives and methods for both, welding for acrylic and silicone for glass. while it may work, you here way too many horror stories of things later coming loose because all one has done is created a tight barrier not actual adhesion to both materials.

anyway, pardon the rant. i'm really excited for you and eager to see the pics of the "real" sump complete whenever you get to it.

i gotta post some update to my threads and was going through the build journals and knew you had to be up to something :wink::mrgreen:
Thanks for the comforting words Marco :) well one problem was solved tonight. Not in the way I wanted. I had to pull out the wall hammer, it wasn't going to make it thru the brown jelly and I didn't want it spreading so it had to go. As for the zoas, I dipped them the other day and inspected them for any little critters and didn't see any. I even removed any little brittle stars from the colony just in case. I placed the colony in a new located but they still don't want to open. I'd say that 30% of the colony is open and the rest wants to open but won't. No algae or pests so I'm really stumped on that one. The leopards.. Well they are just Really BAD shippers so that's out of my control. I just have to decide if it's worth it to keep trying to get one that's healthy. My lfs has one in his display tank that he is going to sell me. It's a tonga leopard and not a vermiculite like I wanted but hey I will take any leopard at this point! Lol the acros just suck. I don't like acros anymore. They die whenever they feel like they want to so screw them lol. I'll be okay I promise ;) my problems really aren't that bad but it just seems like I have bad luck lately. Anywayys, enough of my ranting! How is your tank?? You most deff do have to update your build thread. I was actually curious to see how your tank is doing the other day. Have t heard from you in quite some time. I also have a ten gallon now as well. That little tank is doing well :)
i enjoy reading your posts. it's like a private conversation with yourself you decide to share with the world, haha. it's really entertaining! i'll check out the 10g build soon, for sure, too! i don't want to threadjack your build thread so i'll leave my details to my thread for you to check out. thanks for asking!

ps - do you anything against using RO/DI or is it just the upfront costs that are the problem. i've seen it mentioned a few times and it kind of gets dismissed or blanketed by other exciting news. would you run one if sold to you for a ridiculously nice price?
So sorry to hear of all the things you're dealing with :( The only tiny piece of advice I have is to rinse out your macro algae periodically - I've found I get cyano growing in mine too and if I just shake it old tank water when I do a water change it seems to help a lot. Hang in there!
Hey Beeguiles!

I went through and read every post here about the wrasses and your issues! I'm so sorry to see that you have had some many problems and it's awesome to see that you are keeping at it! I have a couple suggestions that might help with a couple of your issues though.

I have had 2 Wrasses in my tank for about 7months and over the last 2 weeks I added 2 more. I started with a Yellow Coris Wrasse, then picked up a Leopard Wrasse, and over the last two weeks I added a Tonozu Wrasse and a Lubbocks Wrasse.

I'm on my second Yellow Coris Wrasse because the first one I brought home I didn't know he was missing his lower jaw and he died a few hours after I brought him home, but the new one is eating and doing wonderful really haven't had any issues with him. The Leopard Wrasse was a fish that I new I had to have when I saw him, they are just way to awesome looking. I'm totally new to this hobby so I figured I would read up on him, cause I've noticed the more colorful a fish is the harder they seem to be to keep, and I found out what you did, they don't travel well, and my lfs guy told me this and he only had it in for a few days. So I watched it for about 2 months before I finally bought it. Whenever I went in to get water my lfs would feed it and I watched it for a while and since I had already paid for it he wasn't going to sell it. But he said to me that it's good to keep them in the store for at least a month to make sure they are eating and adjusting well.

The Tonozu Wrasse is such a sweet looking fish. I highly recommend looking into one if you can. Such pretty colors when he flashes his fins. I am on my second Lubbock's Wrasse, but the loss of the first one was completely my fault. He did get chased around some, but I didn't acclimate him long enough and my PH was way too low. The second one just as the first was chased around by my Coral Beauty Angel, but other than that he seemed ok when I put him in last night, so hopefully he will come out ok.

One word of caution my lfs guy gave me was not to put too many wrasses of similar shape or size in the same tank together, cause they will take each other out. So that may be your issue...So unless you are getting a mated pair you may want to just stick to one type of Leopard.

One thing I've noticed with mine though they are all different shapes and colors in some way. The leopard has his pattern, the yellow is well yellow, the tonozu is bright red with yellow flashing fins, they I have had no problems with, nothing chased the tonozu when I put him in and he gets along with everyone great. But the Lubbock's kinda has the same color scheme as my coral beauty so that might be why he is getting chased around.

As for your phosphate issue, I have this awesome stuff that for the life of me I can't remember the name of right now, but I will check it out and let you know later tonight..It's just in a reactor and it lasts 3 months and when It's running I don't have any phosphate issues at all. It's fairly cheap too.
Whew that was a long posts. Hopefully some of the info can help you out some and best of luck!
As for your phosphate issue, I have this awesome stuff that for the life of me I can't remember the name of right now, but I will check it out and let you know later tonight..It's just in a reactor and it lasts 3 months and when It's running I don't have any phosphate issues at all. It's fairly cheap too.

rowaphos, phosguard, GFO?
Marco- I'm glad you enjoy reading my posts! :) I basically do come on here to get my thoughts out of my head and share them with you guys or else I will go nuts! Lol I don't really have anything against rodi water. I just don't want to go thru the hassle of installing one and then waiting to fill up buckets of water when I could just turn on my sink. I know I would have cleaner water with a lot less algae problems but it seems like after my tanks establish themselves the algae just kinda dies away on its own. Besides the trace of nitrates I have are good for the zoanthids and Gsp :) and yea I guess there is the cost of it too. Im a stubborn gal, if I don't have to spend the extra money the I won't haha. I can't wait to see your update!! Hope your tank is doing awesome!

Fishy thanks for the advice. I find that the red slime only grows on the surface of the macro algae so I just pick it off once in a while. I also don't have vey much flow in my sump bc right now it's just a big Rubbermaid bin with a smaller one set inside for a fuge. The fuge has some holes drilled in the sides for water to go thru but it doesn't have a ton of flow. I will continue to manually remove the slime for now.

Mono its nice to hear someone else has a love for wrasses! Sorry about the couple losses you've had. It truely sucks when a fish dies. Some wrasses do tend to go after eachother when there is a similar body pattern like you were saying. But for leopards as long as you have a big enough tank and they are all female and are introduced at the same time then they will all get along. But I don't think I'm going to do a group. I'm going to Try to keep different wrasses. Right now I only have a male mccoskers flasher wrasse and a female black tail tamarin wrasse. Im having lfs catch me a tonga leopard wrasse from their display tank since it has been doing well for them :)

Here's an updated fish stock list so far since it has been changed around lately
Bristletooth Tomini tang
Starry blenny
Lyretail hogfish
Female black tail tamarin
1 engineer goby
Male mccoskers flasher wrasse
Blue star leopard wrasse(maybe, idk if she is still buried under the sand and hasn't come out yet)

I want to add a couple more wrasses and that will be it for fish.
I used to have a six line wrasse when I had the 29g. His name was daredevil. But when I upgraded I knew I wanted other wrasses and he would have killed them so he had to be rehomed.
Tank is gorgeous!!! Are you filtering your tap water at all? Do you use Prime or another treatment for you water? When I had corals before the great tank boil :grumble: i was using distilled water only. When I was only running a FOWLR for 10+ years I used tap but ran it through a Dupont filter that attached to the sink and then used a treatment also. The reason I ask...well its two fold. One we have way strict water restrictions here and two I can be a cheap bastard at times. All the water wasted in a ro unit just kills me when I am not even allowed to water my lawn or wash my car. Just curious, Your tank is just aww inspiring. :Cheers:
Nope I don't do anything to my tap water. It goes from the sink to a bucket to be mixed up with salt to my tank. Never had any problems with it.
Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't updated in so long. Nothing really new happening with the tank. I'm just letting it kinda sit and do its own thing(don't worry I'm still doing the required water changes) but I wanted to slow things down a bit and let the tank establish itself and let the corals I have start to grow. I did get a few news things which I will post pictures of. I can officially call this a wrasse tank now. I now have four wrasses the lyretail hogfish, engineer goby and starry blenny. Just to refresh everyone's memory I have the tamarin wrasse, melanurus wrasse, mccoskers flasher wrasse and a Christmas wrasse. The Christmas I've had for about a week now. At first I was surprised to see that the melanurus was a bit aggressive towards the christmas but I think they were just establishing a pecking order bc everyone is getting along fine now. I don't have too many pics of the wrasses bc they are soo fast! But I got an alright one of the christmas for you. Hope you enjoy! Oh one more thing. I went to buy some corals from a guy and saw that he had his meat coral propped up on some PVC piping. Just enough to hold the meat coral in place bc when they inflate and deflate they tend to pop up out of the sand. So I tried it at home and it works like a charm!

Acans that I got for a discounted price bc they got attacked

War coral

New baby meat coral. Orange with baby blue center!

Meat coral after feeding


Christmas wrasse