93g cube of AWESOME!

Thanks guys! I've been wanting this fish for a long time but didn't have a big enough tank. I really hope the mystery and leopard can get along. This leopard is nice and healthy so if the mystery kills her that would be such a shame.
Leopard wrasses are some of my favorite fish!

You might want to slow down on stocking though... a week between additions really isn't enough time.
It's been a bad couple of days :( my mystery wrasse did not like the leopard and the stress was just too much for the leopard. The night before last I came home to seethe snails eating him :( so its time to get that mystery wrasse out. I made my own bottle trap. I didn't have a two liter but I had a juice bottle so I hope it works. It's a bit shallow but I'm hoping of I leave it In there for a few days and put some food in then he will swim right in. I have fishing line tied to it so when I see him go in I can just pull it and up it goes. So far nobody has paid any attention to it but I'm betting they will figure out that there is krill in there. :) here's a couple pics and wish me luck!! If anyone has any tips by all means throw em at me! I want this fish out!





I was trying to catch a flame cardinal and it wouldn't go inside. Tried for about a week and got suck of it and thought I could just take out half the rocks to catch him. Boy was I wrong. All the rocks had to come out. All that stressed killed my blue eye tang. So, sold flame cardinal and clown for $20 while killing my $40 tang.
Oh boy I'm sorry to hear that! It really does suck when you have to pull a fish out bc it is never ever easy. :/

News on the fish trapping. Well last night was pretty terrible. Got stuck at work longer than usual and then had a flat tire on the way home and had to be towed. Got to bed at 4:30am...BUT! Around 4:15 I did see my mystery wrasse inside the trap! Of course I had the trap in there for him to get used to not thinking he will go in yet. But at least I know if there is some food In there he knows how to get in. I also pulled the trap up to the top of the water to see what type of reaction I will get from him. Whether he will instinctively swim down or swim out of the trap. He stayed inside and couldn't figure out how to et out for a bit. My lfs isn't open util Tuesday so I'm hopeful that I can catch him sometime on tuesday!! I was so happy to see something go right after such a bad night.
Of course you catch him while you have nothing to do with him! I'm sure he'll wait for the lfs to close before he goes back in! Good luck!
Yea figures right! I'm not gonna put any more food in there until tomorrow morning. At least I know that he will go in for it.

Yes I am going to order another blue star leopard and maybe get my male mccosker flasher wrasse back. I brought him to the lfs bc of the mystery wrasse was beating him up and didn't plan to get rid of the mystery. But then the mystery killed the leopard and I really would like to keep a leopard. I wonder if he will give me back the mccoskers flasher if he even still has it... Do you guys think that's kinda cheesy to ask for him back? If it wasnt for the mystery wrasse I wouldn't have given the lfs my flasher..
So I left the bottle trap in for a couple days and each say I saw the mystery go in and out of it. So today was the day to actually take him out. I put a peice of krill in and not even five mins later I had him out of the tank. So I brought him to my lfs and got my mccoskers flasher wrasse back and some store credit. No more bullies in my tank! Pics of the flasher to come. He is hiding right now.
The flasher came out to eat today and I got a couple pics. He is still very timid. He thinks if a fish comes up to him it's to attack him. I guess he had a traumatic expirience with my mystery wrasse. All the other fish don't mind him and he is eating very well. Also my lfs is going to order me two blue star leopard wrasses and we will try them again.

Update on the tank. I tried again on the blue star leopard wrasses. I had my lfs order two for me and he ordered me a third free of charge! I love my lfs, anyways. I've been reading up on leopards and a lot of people pick the fish up as soon as it comes in to lessen the acclimation stress to multiple tanks. So after acclimating them to my tank two didn't look so great and one immediately dove into the sand. One died that same day, another died the next day and the other came out of the sand today but didnt look too great. Kinda swaying around and disoriented. I asked if my lfs has any more in the store that are doing well and he said he has a tonga leopard that is doing good so I may try that one. They fish sure are bad shippers l. Other than that I have a zoa colony that won't open. It was open for weeks and then all of th sudden only half of it will open. And some of them are stretching out as if the be closed to the light but they are right on the top near the light so that doesn't make sense. I can't see any pests on them either so that's a bit irritating bc it's a good sized colony. All the other fish and corals seem to be doing well. Anyways here's for the pics

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