93g cube of AWESOME!

Update! My lfs has a display wrasse and Lps tank that is super awesome! I've been wanting some of the wrasses in there for quite some time and he finally put some up for sale! We ended up just getting one. It's a lined tamarin wrasse. I was soo happy bc I'm pretty sure these guys are pretty sensitive and don't ship well so it's awesome to know this guy has been in the display tank for months and doing well. He is already out and about and exploring his new home! I was a bit worried that my mystery wrasse would be aggressive towards the new wrasse but so far he hasnt paid any attention to him and he has clearly seen him more than once. Actually the tamarin kinda follows the mystery around like a little kid haha. I also got some really cool looking ninja star snails to add some character to my tank. I have a feeling this may turn into a bit of a wrasse tank as I have found a love for them. I had the owner of the lfs order a blue star leopard wrasse. They are pretty bad shippers so I really hope I get a good one. Keep your fingers crossed!! I tried to get a couple shots of the wrasse but he is so darn fast!!




Also there is some awesome growth on this monti that I just wanted to show off :)
Thanks guys! This guy is really neat. I love him already. I can't wait to get my blue star leopard wrasse. They are super bad shippers though so I hope mine is nice and healthy and also will accept frozen food.
Your tank is soo awesome! I love your rock work and that picture of the wrasse inside the arches - I think you should use it for photo of the month! And I really like that you are going the wrasse route - so cool!
Thanks fishy! With the sun shining in the tank and the angle I took the picture it came out pretty good! Maybe I will change my entry to this photo instead :)
So I tried to add a male and female flasher wrasse to my tank to I avail. My mystery wrasse shredded the female and she didn't make it and I scooped the male out today and brought him to my lfs. I just wanted to try it and it didn't work. The tamarin wrasse is doing awesome! It's weird that the mystery doesn't go after the tamarin and I had my lfs order me a blue star leopard also a few days ago. The fish didn't make it to the store when expected so when it got there they held it for a bit to make sure it was okay and eating, which it is. So I brought it home today. It a quite large! Bigger than the mystery wrasse so that gave me hope that they could co exist. The mystery checked her out a bit and went after her twice and then the leopard dove into the sand. So I'm hoping that the mystery was just showing who is boss and everyone can play nice. I will update on how it's doing tomorrow. Here's some pictures before she went into hiding.