Wrasse attacked?


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today i woke up to turn on the lights on my tank to find bristleworms all over Kiwi!! needless to say i am now stung a ton (i just pulled em all off of him) and kiwi is in my hospital tank.

I'm not sure whats wrong with him? he's breathing really slow and where the bristles were are all red. it looks as if his top half of his lateral line is red an purple... is there anything I can do for him? i attached some pictures of him in the QT and am hoping he'll be okay? :(


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thanks! me too :( he was JUST starting to come out and swim last night!

I'm hoping I acclimated him long enough and that this isn't my fault :( none of my fish were aggressive towards him last night and they all ate together when i first brought him home :(
Wow I guess he was not hiding after all sorry to hear he was being attacked by worms... I hope he recovers hes a great looking fish friend.
thank you, he is a vey pretty fish that i've wanted for a long time :( he was good in the store too, no marks, no missing scales-nothing.

Does anyone think it could be part of lateral line erosion? i know he doesn't have any holes in his head but the redness is around the top fin of his lateral line? :dunno:

ETA: is a freshwater dip to stressing right now? his breathing is really labored now and I'm afraid if I dip him it will just kill him :'(
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I have a question when you looked for him did you pick up any of your rocks or any thing heavy and place it at all not exactly where it was when you picked it up? Or grind any thing you placed back? These may be dumb questions but i just want to rule that out scents you said in that thread you have a shallow sand bed. Because your Kiwi is cure and I sure as heck don't want to see him become one of the fallen.
nope, when i look for fish i don't even get in the tank. I just take a flash light on the outside of it and look because of the fact of not knowing where thye are at. I don't wanna smush my fishies... :(
Ok that's ruled out :( I never had to deal with any thing like this. I'm so sorry to hear this just after finally getting one. I feel for you I would be so vary upset if my firefish got sick.But I'd try any thing and monitor all day if you could. The redness scars me, man I hope he gets better.
I'm very sorry to hear that Sharkie =( he definetly was a cool fish. In the past I've had alot of luck with a product by the name of immuno vital. I use it when I add new fish, do anything that may stress my current fish, and I've dosed it when I noticed a few specks of ich on my anthias. It works by de-stressing them and helping with their immune system, might be worth a shot next time?
awww now im sad I will have a shoot to night in memory of such a cool fish friend when im at The Factory Pub. It is just so damn sad when a fish friend passes.