Flameback Angel acting wierd...?

Matthew s. Mccarthy

Reefing newb
Hello folks! Had my tank now for 2 months. I have 3 hermit crabs, 2 nassarious snails and 1 turbo snail a fire fish and a flame back angel. Both in the tank for a few weeks. Unfortunately, ilthe flame back has ick. I am treating him (the tank) but he acts strange..only more towards the crabs tho. He shows no aggression at all (even to the fire fish.)what he does is when the crab is on the substrate, he gets up stream of the flow in my tank and keeps his tail on the crab's shell, and moves his fins real fast to stay on one spot and his breathing gets very quick. Its very odd behavior thats been going on for a week now. Anyone seen this or experienced it?

I just started treating the tank with ick treatment and garlic exract today. Also adding vitamins to the water as suggested by my lfs.
I can't say what the fish might be doing with that behavior, some fish have peculiar habits. I am curious as to what your ICH treatment is that you are treating your entire tank. Generally speaking in the reefing community there are 2 ways to treat ICH with Copper or Hyposalinity. Read the Stickies at the top of the Fish Disease Forum they have a lot of information. I myself have battled ICH and I chose the Hyposalinity route. Unfortunately LFS stores will not always have your best interest at heart when selling something. Did you get the fish at the same LFS? I am sorry but I have to ask, how big is your tank it looks like a small biocube. Dwarf Angels like the Flameback should be in a 50-60 gallon tank or more. I mention this because stress is a big contributor to ICH breakouts and the small tank could causing it stress just thought it was worth mentioning.
Do lots of research and good luck.