YW Goby swimming to top of tank


Reefing newb
I've noticed an unusual behavior in my YWG the past two nights. He has started swimming to the top of the tank, and occasionally perches himself up high on the rocks, and even on the back of the powerhead! (see pic).

He seems to act normal during the day, but in the evening (lights are still on) he goes to the top of the tank and swims back and forth near the surface.

I added a Flame Angel and a Cleaner Shrimp to my tank 3 days ago. I did notice the Angel had spooked the Goby the first day, causing him to almost jump out of the tank! Other than that everything is fine. All levels are 0/0/0.

Is this normal for a new addition to cause my Goby to act skittish?

Current stock list (55 gal.):

-2 Clowns
-Flame Angel
-Yellow Watchman Goby
-Pajama Cardinal
-Royal Gramma Basslet
-Pistol Shrimp, Cleaner Shrimp
-2 Emerald Crabs, Hermits, Snails


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