Spot the fish ??


Reefing newb
Tank is moving onto 4 months old now, we are very happy with how its going, algae has gone, parameters are stable and good.
Very happy with randy's recipe so far.

But what missing in this picture, hmmm, no fish, a very bored cleaner wrasse and a 5cm blue tang loving all the space. Oh and of course our two dragons & clowns.

We had the existing gang of 3 from the old tank - Lipstick tang 2 x yellow tangs that thought this new tank was their domain. We tried to add 2 separate powder blues & flame angel, only to witness them being harassed and beaten to the point that they all died,one within days and 2 within weeks of being in the tank.

It was actually to the point were we almost sold up and gave up, because we do care a lot about our fish and respect these beautiful creatures a lot, here we were with a great 7 foot tank and 3 fish.
So we started to plan, by reading and researching, we came to the decision that the gang of 3 had to go, sold them to a great guy with a lovely tank, with much larger fish than these 3 (all went together). Of course with visitation and photo rights. And they are doing very well.

We found a great LFS interstate that worked hard with us to compile a list of fish we wanted. They started gathering them all about 7 weeks ago, they are being added to a lesley & steve tank (at the lfs) in order of aggression, being QT for us, and fed up ready for the flight to us in SA.

We have received videos and photos of the fish, they are all eating, all healthy & most importantly getting along and are all juveniles.
We were supposed to get them a fortnight ago but the LFS was starting to experience a little aggression from one of the fish, so he wanted to put him in time out for a week and then back into our tank.
He is now back in and settled nicely, with all signs of aggression gone.
We will be receiving our order this coming Thursday,
We are so excited, there will be no more fish additions after this.
So crossing fingers the flight doesn't stress them all out too much and they love their new home.
nice fts.JPG
nice fts (2).JPG
Great work with the tank, you must be excited! Only a couple more days to go :D.
Thank @Ian 2 more sleeps. Like a kid waiting for Father Christmas. Lol. Fish list. 2x powder blue. 2x yellow tang. Powder brown. Powder grey. Purple tang. Lipstick tang. Kole tang. Flame angel. Can't wait. !! Will post pics soon !
Well, I would love to live inside that tank. I wouldn't understand why your fish would ever complain, lol.
Amazing tank, seriously. Keep us updated! Hope everything goes well!

@SantaMonicaHelp @reefnoob @salt_for_brains All went well today. Newbies been in tank for about 2 hrs. Everything going well so far.
Only fish we are a little concerned about is larger powder brown. ( he is a little thin ) He was a late addition to our collection, replaced an Atlantic blue that after. 3 swap outs just wasn't going to work. The 2 yellow. & 1 purple tang just weren't playing nice.
All the fish (10). Are eating & looking very healthy. The QT has done well.
The lfs forgot we had a lipstick & flame QT in different tank so they didn't arrive. But will flown to us tomorrow.
We followed the rules - odd numbers of same family - add everything juvenile & at same time. Here is a video ( only existing fish in video are coral beauty. & blue tang. (Hippo). All the rest are 2 hrs in the tank hope you enjoy
Newbies are
2 x powder blues (5cm)
1 x powder Grey (5cm)
1 x Powder Brown (8cm)
1 x Yellow Tangs (4cm)
1 x Purple Tang (4cm)
1 x Kole Tang (10cm)

They look great! Did you get them from your LFS?
I contacted a reputable lfs about 1000kms away. He agreed to QT them for me and sent me update pics and videos on a weekly basis for 7 weeks. He removed anyone that was being aggressive and replaced, he only sent fish that were eating and getting along.
I didn't have a QT tank big enough to cope with that many fish. He did not charge me for this service, and did an amazing job for me.
It cost me $100 to fly them to where I live, airport to airport, about a 2 hour flight. They all arrived packaged well and healthy.
The powder brown I was worried about died, and he replaced free of charge.
I have an update video of all the newbies 2 weeks on.
Still all doing great, although we sold the powder blues, they were just to aggressive towards each other and most of the other fish already.
We now have a calm, peaceful tank with all newbies doing great. The lipstick tang didn't eat for about a week, so looks very thin, but as just started eating today. yipee.