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so after a lot of effort and BULLSHIT my house is sold and i have moved. a month later my 265 gal tank is emptyed and everything is is in pails bags etc. boys are supposed to show up to move the tank. NO SHOW. they got in the truck to come over and ran into a friend. come on out to the camp. off they go and dont show up for 6 days. i can't pay people to come and move my 500 lb tank. needless to say i have killed my son and am now on the lame from the cops. lost 90% of my coral and 1/2 my fish. finally get the tank up and running and i get the ick attack from hell. i havent seen ick in there in over 2 yrs. and i did not add any fish. there goes believe it or not all the rest of my fish except my tangs. on goes the coralife turbo-twist 36 watt sterilizer with o 100 gal an hour pump. my tangs are hanging in there and i am slowly seeing less and less ick. cost me about 3000$ in fish and about 3000$ in coral. lost my mandarin pair( had for 3 yrs), my clarki pair( had for 6 yrs) all my pygmy angels, wrasses,damsels, and all my acro and monti. i still want punch that kid(26 yrs old) every time i see him and its been 6 wks. 6 yrs of collecting and watching every thing grow- down the drain. so now i start over.
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Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry to hear that :( That's very selfish of your son, no wonder you're furious with him. I really hope things go well in getting back up and running, let us know how it goes.
thanks a bunch you guys. i started putting in new corals but it will be a while for the fish. i have to wait for the ick problem to die down.
So my tangs are still hanging in there. The sterilizer has been on for a wk now, and yes i know it wont iradicate the ick in my tank. I am just trying to give the tangs a fighting chance. The regal and the yellow are starting to look a lot better, the foxface is really looking mangy. I recieved my gyre pumps today(bought the bigger size, 150's) and put them on. One at each end running at 80% alternating 5 min at a time. 100% beats my softies up a bit more then i like. Boy do i like those pumps. They move a lot of water and stirred up a lot of crap off the rocks and i really like the back and forth motion i get now. My fish have to work harder too which is good. Now they hover stationary in the current and have to work to do so, flipping back and forth as the current changes. I am hoping that with the stronger current it will help make it harder for the ick to find my fish. Either way i really like them. Much cleaner look, and gets rid of a lot of clutter in the tank. They replace 4 sicce 7- 2500gal powerheads.
Sorry to hear that. I just moved and lost my entire tank too. I commend you for keeping it going though. When I lost my tank I decided to take a break from the hobby for a while. Its absolutely soul crushing when you lose years of collecting. Good luck to ya.
ya, i thought about it but decided to try one more kick at the can. It just that i'm in such an isolated are that it costs me substantually more for livestock. i lost my foxface yesterday but my regal tang and my yellow, my 2 shrimp goby-pistol shrimp pairs and my possum wrasse seam to be doing ok. my corals really like the gyre pumps. i have never seen them open up this much. so i am going to give everything a couple months and start stocking again. i'm going to keep the sterilizer on and change tjhe bulbs every 6 months or so. think that will keep the ick down enough to add some more fish and get them worked into the system without it killing them? boy i sure miss my clowns though. my anemone just looks wrong without them.
six yrs i had him. piss me off. my yellow and my regal are looking better all the time though. i think the sterilizer is finally getting the parasites down to a level that the fish can cope with. i'm going to keep the sterilizer on, wait a month and start working some new fish into the herd
happy days, happy days- no more visible ick. my tangs are back to behaving like they normally do and my corals are looking better and better. everything loves the gyre pumps. i have never had corals open up this much before. i have purchased an american aquarium led light- the aquabeam 2000hd ultima. does'nt physically look briter but my acans and my blasto's seam to really like it and my crocea clam's colour is getting better. also i have a piece of acropora that is changing from green to reddish pink since i put it under the light. my pink bubbletip likes it too. i moved him twice and he moved back so now he stays there. best part- very low wattage. couple more wks and i am going to start on fish