Hi im new here. I have a 45 gallon sump tank, 75 gal. Sump protien skimmer tank, 5 gal.


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I have a well established 75 gallon tank. I have a pair of Clowns 5 years old, a Lawn mower blennie 5 years old. A chromis 3 years old, a blue damsel 5 months old, a Puffer 1 yr Old. After 5 months of my last added fish the damsel, i put a Coral beauty angel on hold for 2 months at my local store. I finally went to get her Saturday. I acclimated her for 10 min x4 =40 min with a cup of the tank water in her bag. I put her in, fed the fish. She hid for 3 days. Finally came out yesterday, and this morning she was laying against the glass between a rock in the sand. What do you think happend? I'm so UPSET over this. I waited so long to get her. She was living in a one gallon tank in there store for 6 months. When i went to get her, her light was off. The guy said she was $24.99 but that day i picked her up, no other fish were in any of the other tanks that connected together. She was the only one left besides some shrimp. Since i had put a deposit down on her and finally came to get her, i just got her and brought her home. Im devastated!!! I waited so long for her. Finally got her out of that hell hole store, and brought her into a beautiful 75 gallon tank. Im wondering if going from a 1 gallon petstore tank, to my huge tank with other fish stressed her out and she died. All my water levels are fine. :(
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Sorry for the loss. Could be anything. Hard to say what kills fish after they're dead, and without any pics to show what it looked like. Could have been a parasite or bacterial infection. Could have been stress. Could have been your damsel or clowns -- both very aggressive species.

If you're not aware, clowns and damsels are in the same family. Both species are known to be aggressive and territorial, ESPECIALLY to new tank mates.