Coral Identification.


Reefing newb
Hi Guys,

New here and new to reef tanks. I've owned freshwater tanks forever so i figured I'd start a reef tank. I have a bunch of coral frags that are doing great i just need help identifying some of them. I will post a pic of everything with the names of the ones i know but if i could get some help identifying the ones i do not, it would be a great help.

I have:
8 Green Ricordia Mushrooms - do not know the type
Another bumpy green mushroom - single - type?
A purple birds nest i think - its on the frag rack next to the blue cup coral
GSP - 2 pictures one under actinic and the other under 10k
pipe organ
pulsing xenia
bright green zoas
eagle eye zoas along with bright orange zoas
2 types of scroll corals i believe - the 2 orange and yellowish frags - one on the frag rack and the other i am holding.
2 different types of cup corals - one green and one blue
a brain coral i think with red ridges and bright green depressions - don't know the type - its in the picture on the frag rack next to the blue cup.
kenya trees
and a red ball sponge - its white on the top because one of my rocks fell in the Caribbean sand and made the tank cloudy... does anyone know if it will eventually get rid of it and turn red again?

If i got any names wrong, please correct me, still learning. they are all sitting in an 8 gallon holding tank at the moment while the 29 gallon biocube cycles. dosing CA and ALK along with some phyto. i target feed the Ricordia and the green cup, the blue cup doesn't like to be target feed. After the tank cycles i will be placing the corals. should i put the brain coral (if that what it is) in the sand or should i attach him to a piece of LR

Thanks everyone!


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