the 210 gallon in wall project

thanks... well, went on a trip to new orleans, and as far as pensacola FL... but now i'm back... and i got my new macro lenses... here's the first couple pics i've takn... still gotta play and figure out what works the best...


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Good looking pics Project. Do you still have the rest of the eel? or are you just keeping the head? LOL
thanks everybody.. like i said, still learning... I'm really burning up the digital film in this eos.. hehehe tank lots and lots of shots, playing with camera settings.. most everyting is outta focus and too dark... but as i get keepers, i'll post em...

here's my sand sifting starfish.. he's really plump'n up through the body now that he's been in the big tank for a few months.....

yea, i've still got all the eel, hes about 18 inches now... just a rough guess... he's longer than my forearm now...


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I've got a sandsifting star...I never see him until I vacuum the sand and run his ass over. LOL.
just a quick update, Pete has been exiled to the sump.. i'm tired of him bullying Repeat.. and since i paid for Repeat, well..... it was just dumb luck, i went in after him with my net, but i just ended up chasing him around all the rocks... then just when i was about to give up, he cornered himself and i snagged him....

oh, and i reworked all the plumbing on the tank tower.. took all the flex hoses out on the drains of the tanks and went to all rigid PVC... better flow, less PITA... also, swapped the pumps i had on there, so now the 1500GPH pump just recirculates the water in the salt mixing tank, the ATO is now gravity fed from the RO storage tank, and the 250GPH pump is used to lift the RO up to the mix tank... Also added an RO test port, a RO "tap" so if i need a couple gallons of RO i can just open a valve and it goes right into a bucket.. like if i do a water change on the fresh tank, or if i need it in the radiator in a car i'm working on.... easy access...
sorry for the long time since the updates... life, ya know....

anyway... today is a sad day... snowflake died... not in the tank mind you, but in the normal eel way, escape artists..... all day i've been smelling "that" smell... that dead fish smell, i took out the trash, i took out the algae from the fuge... i did just about everything i could think of, but i just couldnt find the source of the smell....

well, i just found it... snowflake somehow got ontop of the glass tops of the tank under the 16 - 54 Watt bulbs, and cooked till he burst open....

thing is that i cant find anywhere that he coulda gotten out..... its a mystery....

its sad... but on the good side, now i can have shrimps and things that i couldnt have before....

speaking of which... could yall help me come up with a list of things that i can have now that i couldnt have before while snowflake was with us....

1) shrimps
i want something thats coral safe for sure, and i would prefer something active, i do spend a bunch of time watching my tank, so i'd like to see them from time to time....

are there any like that?
I'm a little dissapointed with my cleaner shrimp. I didn't have any until about a month ago, so I bought a blood shrimp because I loved the color. Well, he's been under a friggin rock since I got him. So my dumbass goes out and buys a cleaner, same thing. They're doing there jobs, fish will pull up get cleaned every now and again. But they're giving me ZERO enjoyment. Funny how you always see em' boppin' around in the tanks at the LFS. All I'm saying is buy more than 1.:D

Sorry to hear about the eel. Bet that smelled like hell.
I have a pair of cleaners, half a dozen peppermints, and a blood shrimp. I never see any of them except at night when I shine the flashlight behind the rocks. They are lame.
My cleaner shrimp is faaar from shy. He's perched all day and made his station right in the front of my tank. Whenever I stick my hand in the tank he jumps on it and starts cleaning it which is pretty awesome but can also get a little annoying when trying to keep my hands steady with a pair of tweezers cleaning things up. On top of all that he is extremely greedy! Even when I totally over feed my tank when trying to feed my sun coral and mysis will be flying all over the place he will skip the free food flying everywhere and go straight for the food in the corals mouths taking as much as his hands can carry plus more (usually about 5 mysis) and run off with it.

I just got a Blood/Fire shrimp yesterday so don't know much about their personality but I must say they are one awesome looking specimen and also play a part in being a cleaner shrimp.