the 210 gallon in wall project

really???? hmmm well damn...
funny thing is tho, if you remember, back when i had my 75 my zoas were gettin' eat'n up, and i had this star, i protected the zoas back them by hanging them on a string out of reach.. but now they are like 3 inches from where the xenias were, and they are untouched and the xenias are gone... hmmm well, so, now what do i do? i guess i have to either decide on kepping the star, or having corals... damn...
Red Knoby stars are xenia predators,plain and simple.
But they'll also go after other corals when they are hungry.
yea, i'm really start'n to think that it was the star that was eat'n on my zoas before and he just hasnt gotten to them yet....

well, crap... guess i better get rid of him then.....

some pictures from this evening.....


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P5K I can't believe you have all of those featherdusters coming out of the sand. My Foxface would eat everyone of those within 10 minutes. They grow in my sump, every once in awhile I'll pull a rock out that has them on it so the Foxface can have a treat.
thanks everybody,
yea, my foxface dosent really mess with them much... its really the clown and the blue striped damsels that mess wtih them, but i have TONS of them.. and there everywhere in my system...

i need to set up and get some good fts's.... oh... i'll just do that now......
ok, so this link is to the full file...

and heres a smaller version.....


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tanks... i'm not dead, just life and the business and family and crap, but i'm gonna try and be back now.... sorry for dissappearing there....

the tank is doing well, had a bit of a diatom outbreak last month when the RO filter went bad... got that fixed but still have a bit of the red left over.... a lil more syphoning it out and water changes and i'll be back to where i wanna be... havent really done much to the tank other than just maint stuff... nothing new to report... yet...
Yeah , geez dude...what'ya do show up today for the free turkey? I thought you went into the Witness Protection Program. A.K.A- Your wife tossed you on the street.
hehehehe, yea, i kinda got all involved in other things, happens...

anyway, i'll work on getting some tank update pics in the next couple days...
spent most of today working on getting rid of this miserable dwm.exe crap that somehow got onto my machine.... with that fixed, now maybe i can upload... hehehe