the 210 gallon in wall project

PICTURES!!! taken um, like 10 min ago...
iphone, cause the big canon's batt's were flat...


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sorry for the sporadic returns... every time i think that things are gonna settle down, and i can get back into a routine, BOOM... yall know how it is... life gets in the way of things sometimes...

anyway... had a few updates... my foxface and clown have died, i've grown some algae, figured out that it was my water filter that went wacky... i have an inline tds meter, but, well, if the battery is dead..... so anyway... still not sure why they died, no one else seems bothered at all...

got a new friend too... my first intentnional anymoney... condylactus i think? seems to like the mysys/brine mix i give the fish...
Question... LFS guy said no light needed, my book said needs strong light... conflicting information.. who to believe?


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Sorry to hear about your FF and clown Project.

That looks more like an LTA to me but it's kinda hard to tell on my phone. I can't see if it's foot is in the sand or on the rocks, plus a look at the underside of it would make IDing it easier. Either way they both require strong lighting.
to answer your question, his foot was on the rocks, never did venture out onto the sand at all... spent about 2 weeks right at the sand line on the rock pile, and then he started crawling all over all the rocks. Here there, like he was looking for something... allways big and open, and eagerly taking food if offered....

then one day there was a little brown bubble where he was, and then there was no more... cant find him anywhere.. not parts not nothing...

and as for lighting, if 16 - 54W 4ft t5's isnt enough, then i'm never gonna have enough... :)
Betting he crawled into the rock work some place and has shrunk. Highly doubtful he would die and shriveled to nothing over night, least I've never heard of anything like that.
yea, i'm definately left with lots of unanswered questions.. he was soo cool, but i guess i just wasnt as ready for him as i thought...
just as well, tanks been up for over a year now, so as per my nature, its time to re-arrange everthing... i've been considering a major plumbing overhaul... i've become aware of a couple places where i have some pumping restrictions... think i can eliminate thoes, get more flow and unload a pump... not to mention that i dont like my fuge.... just gotta come up with something better...

more to come... sometime....

oh, forgot to mention that i've started building my own LED light fixtures... as it stands right now, the only thing left in the tank that's light sensitive is 4 little mushrooms... so i just made sure to put them right under the focal point of the led's till i can afford to order more of them... I'm sure ya'll want pics, so i'll try and get some asap... thier not pretty, but they get the job done, and thats what's most important to me....
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