the 210 gallon in wall project

that is something that i had concidered.. but heres my thinking, the slots arent full of water now, only about half, and i'm talking about less than double the flow... so... hmm...

i guess thats just one of thoes things that i'm gonna have to try to know if the slots are enough or not... but other than that????
I agree 100%. Ok well the lights are on. Pete and Repeat are still at it. Oh well.

[ame=]YouTube - New aquascaping[/ame]
Well the other option is to use a screen or a QT to separate the aggressor from the rest of the tank till the new guy can settle in....if he's still a butt after he serves his sentence, then you may want to see about trading out fish at the LFS

...after watching the video though, I think you'd be better off with the just the one fox face
Yea I'm starting to think I need to find a home for Repeat. They are really beating themselves up on the rocks chasing so much.

[ame=]YouTube - Pete and Repeat[/ame]
It's incredible how such a peaceful fish can go so crazy when it sees the same species. Good luck....Hope you don't have to take out a bunch of rock to get Repeat out of there.
i texted a buddy of mine, he's kinda been my mentor on my salt water journey.. so i'm waiting to hear back from him.. he's the one that suggested i get another foxface, so, i'm thinking he can come over here and help me get it out now.. hehehehe
actually, yea, he prolly will, he came over and helped me move the tank in, and has come over since and helped me mount the refugium to the wall, stuff like that...
Here's what I've been kicking around in my head for about a month (because I know at som epoint I'm gonna need it)..If you take a piece of plexiglass that is the width (front to back, and top to bottom) of your tank. and then move the rock away from one of the side walls so you have roughly a foot of clear sand on the sandbed, then coax the foxface to that area (maybe with an algae sheet) when he gets over there, put the divider in and now he's trapped into that small area and easy to catch. I've also read that you don't want to use a net for a foxface because their dorsals can get wrapped up in the net.

Or how 'bout this.

Cut the narrow end off of a 2 liter bottle, (take the label off too)enough so he can swim in, tie an algae sheet to a piece of rock and put it in the bottom, attach a piece of fishing line to the bottle, lay the bottle sideways on the sand, when/if the ff goes in simply pull the string, and lift him out.

Both of these look good on paper. I have no idea if they'll work.
good ideas... well my buddy came by, and we talked long and hard about it, one thing that we talked about was catching the original one, making an eggcrate cage for him, and letting the new one establish some territory for a couple days... they'd both see each other but just not get at each other... but problem with that is that i know that the original one is very afraid of small spaces, he freaked non stop in the 20 gallon q-tank.. so i cant do that to him again... so after considering the difficulties of trying to catch him, and then all the rest of it, we just decided that they can work it out on thier own.... either they figure out how to get along, or one kills the other and then that solves it... i know it sounds kinda cruel, but as much as i would have to destroy the tank to try and catch just one of them, i think i would do more damage to the other tank inhabitants... the ends just dont justify the means...
so i thought i'd mess around with some of the settings on the camera, and see what i could come up with.. i still need to get a macro lense, but, this is what i've got for now... these were all taken under just the actinics and the built in flash on my canon eos rebel xt.


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yea, they are all getting used to the new surroundings, so yea snowflake is still swimming around for hours each evening, but he's started taking a silverside from me hand feeding him each day, so he's getting better too... (i use tongs to feed not my bare hand)
I wouldn't recommend feeding your eel anymore silversides or any other fish for that matter once they aquire a taste for fish your other fish may become a snack. I dont know if someone else pointed this out yet since I didn't read all 50 pages, but wanted to let you know. It looks pretty sweet btw.
hehehe no, noone ever brought that up, but considering that when i brought him home all i fed him for several months was filet of redfish that i had cought down at the coast, if he hadnt developed a taste yet, i dont think he will... other thing is that he's the biggest pushover, even my smallest damsels(smaller than the silversides) flip their tails at him and scare him off... not to mention that the mandrin and he have been in the same tank now for almost 2 years, so.....

i can see you point, but i think i got lucky with this one is all...

oh yea, forgot to mention that i finally got my RO tank stand and mixing tanks re-arranged... i wasnt happy with the logistics of the tanks being under the stand of the 210, so i built a vertical stand for them... now i can get to them and actually work on them without being on my knees under the stand...

the bottom is a 45 gallon tank that i put a float valve in for the RO filter to feed, and then the top tank will have a recirc pump in it to mix the salt, then i can use gravity to get the water into the sump which is right next to the stand.. the RO watter will be pumped up from the larger 45 up to the smaller 20 when i need to fill it to mix new water... also by having the RO storage tank above the level of the sump, i can finally install my gravity feed ATO....

the other great thing about this is that i now have the RO filter mounted to something solid, and not just sitting atop a 5gallon bucket.. ive had several close calls where i almost tipped it over and off the bucket and onto the concrete floor....NO MORE!


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well, i was waiting for the new parts for the RO filter to come in... only took 2 days for them to get here... all new media... the only thing i'm not changing is the RO membrane...

got em all in, and the output readings are back at 0 where they are supposed to be... so now thats hooked up to the tanks.. and bingo... 40 gallons of RO in the bottom tank ready for ATO or whatever, and then the 20 above it is all plumbed in, and ready to mix salt...

there is a small pump in the drain line of the top tank that pulls water out the bottom and back in the top for mixing the salt... and there is a pump on the drain line of the bottom tank that pushes the RO water up to the top tank when i need to add to it... there is also an emergency drain on the top tank, just incase i walk off and forget and leave the lift pump on and overfill the little tank, its just an open top pvc overflow that i drilled into the side of the tank that drains out the window.... just a safety feature... cause i'm forgetfull... and a burnt pump is better than a flooded floor....

anyway... no more trashcans for mixing water!! yea!!! more flore space...


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Hehehe yea. Today I "T'd" into the RO line and set up the new ATO. Finally. No more adding water by hand twice a day. I'm loosing something like 2-3 gallons a day.