Steve's 90 Gallon Reef

Good news! My LFS found me another purple tilefish! I redid my tops with 1/4" mesh so nothing can escape now. Here is a pic i took yesterday while acclimating. He was swimmng around and happy last nigt shortly after i put him in. He ate right before lights out too!! Better pics to follow.
Time for an update-

purple tile fish developed some type of flesh wound and died after a couple weeks. unsure what it was, or what it was from- none of the other fish ever bothered him and he always ate like a pig.

purchased 4 anthias, who all appeared healthy and also ate like pigs. over the last few months have all slowly disappeared 1 by 1. The all would like fine 1 day and then the next day, not so much.

After all this I took a fish break for awhile....My rbta split again so after a few weeks I traded for a nice red plating monti, which is looking better than ever.

Couple days ago I was browsing a fish store I had never been to and saw they had 2 black and white chromis. I have been looking for these for awhile now and never have seen any anywhere. They were super healthy looking so I picked the 2 up and hopefully can find a 3rd one at some point. They are eating, appear healthy and everyone is getting along wonderfully.

I picked up some LRS Herbivore frenzy the other day and am pretty impressed with it. Great food. Other than that, all my other corals and fish are doing great.
Unfortunately, tilefish are tough under the best of circumstances. I've only been able to keep one alive for 6 months and that was one I transshipped back in the 80s and kept it in my 240. It all comes down to where they come from, Indo, and how they're caught. They're another fish, much like anthias, that need food on a continuous basis to thrive. Now that the Philippines have cleaned up their act, I might try them again.
Eh. I still don't like dealing with Philippines when it comes to transshipping. Last time we placed a order through them, it was a horrible disaster. Four boxes of fish, and three boxes of corals. ALL of the fish died over night and about half the corals melted. Some of the bags were popped and they didn't even put heat packs in one. I try very hard not to order from them.

I hope the Chromis don't do what most Chromis are known for doing. Highlander is their way. "There can only be one!" lol
[QUOTE="I hope the Chromis don't do what most Chromis are known for doing. Highlander is their way. "There can only be one!" lol[/QUOTE]

They get along great so far. I would say they are almost like best friends, lol.
Update.- So I had to get rid of my hippo tang because it started picking at my new trachyphillia that I got a few weeks ago... It was time to rehome anyways before he got too big for my tank. Here is the newest addition! A sargassum trigger. Its about 3 1/2" to 4". Ive had for about 2 weeks now and is an awesome fish with a super cool personality. Swims right up and will take food right out of my hand....not that I will be making a habit of that with those sharp teeth. Everyone gets along great...model citizen so far.
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