Steve's 90 Gallon Reef

You will be happy with your choice:thumbsup: Can you get me a deal?:D
He has had them on his tank for about a year and a half now and is extremely happy with them. I cant wait. I already raised my canopy and built my custom tank mount for them. Pics to follow once received. Send me a pm...
CAM00580 (3).jpg

New addition! Bubble tip Anenome

Quick crappy phone pic, so the color is a little off...The pink tips fade into green,...better pics to follow..

I drilled a 1" to 1-1/2" hole thru the rock before placing it up high in the tank. It hasn't moved since I got it on Saturday and looks pretty happy so far.
Some quick phone pics late last night. Better pictures to follow. I still need to mess with the program schedule, but all in all the tank looks sweet! I am really happy with the lights. The last pic looks really blue!! It is not, the phone does some funky things, LOL.
That is a very nice job on the light mounts. Almost makes me want to redo the mine that I just mounted while ago, almost;)
Almost?...LOL. The mount was the easy part. I also added 3" to the bottom of my canopy so that I could get the lights higher off of the water. I refused to hang my lights from the wall/ceiling. Turned out pretty good as well I might add, LOL.