Official -- Frag Swap Information

I will tonight... I left my phone at home by mistake today and didn't call you back yesterday, because I had a wreck about 4 minutes after getting off the phone with you yesterday..

Talk to you tonight.
congrats anthony, you didnt have him at erlanger east did you? My wife is a postpardom nurse there.

Its a good feeling to see everyone posting and getting things done, brandon and I have been calling each other every day trying to organize things and it gets to be to much, as brandon said earlier we felt like from the past that most people really didnt care about helping with the swap. Thanks everyone!:bowdown: :bowdown:
We will try and get a more formal list posted along with whos working with what so it will be easier to keep oraganized.
Congratz on the baby boy.

Also my updates today.
#6 - Boxes Ordered, expected delivery tuesday next week.
#13 - Flyer was posted at Fish Paradise and Pet Warehouse.
I had a coworker post a few fliers at his church too. Plus, he teaches martial arts and is going to hand out a flier to each student and their families ;) So in all, there were 50 - 75 more fliers handed out today alone.
I was under that impression David .That was the job that I was given at the meeting at your house was to take care of the Chattanooge Reefers frag table.So that the others can do their jobs .I am triing to get a small tank together so the frags that need to be seen can ..I will still bag a lot of my frags to make room for others that will bring frags that will not set up a table on their own.
I have some extra power strips too, but we need to be careful.

I need a list of vendors who have contributed, so I can start working on the vendor appreciation banner.

I'll be there to help with setup Friday night and Saturday morning.

I'm going out of town the weekend of the 28th for a 4 day getaway before school starts back.
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Angela the first post on this thread is updated with the any information on donors etc...

Look at the very first post for the latest list.

GlassCages and Reed Maricultures have also mentioned donating, but we have yet to hear back for sure... Bryan has been heading up the communication with them.

Anthony, I asked april and she doesnt remember taking care of yall so she must have been asigned to someone else. Yes it is a nice place!

You should really send that pic you are using for your avatar to David. He could make that look like it came from my tank for you no problem...


I've bumped all of the threads Brandon has posted. Even got a few responses. We are going to have a huge turn out if everyone comes that say they are. God I am getting excited!!!
Ok I am so stoked here is a pic of just one of the colonies that will be fragged in the zoa demonstration. We got a great deal from . They were almost free considering shipping and what these fetch on ebay. These are getting very popular. They are Caribbean zoas and the polyps are much bigger than your normal solomon island or fiji zoas.

I already have about 30 of these I just got last week and this picture is not the best. This is a pic of them from Bryan at PC the pic I will post later is the frag I already have. It doesnt do these justice.

Will there be any vendor there that supplies Carrib-Sea Live Sand? I'm planning to make my sandbed deeper and the bags of Indo-Pacific ( of which I have now ) is like 30 bucks retail. I'm wondering if I could score a cheaper bag at the swap.