Official -- Frag Swap Information

Hey guys! Just got back from band rehearsal where my buddy Larz brought us FIVE signs! .... WITH MOUNTS!
I had him leave the arrows off, (they are just peel and stick), in case we need more of one than another. The signs are plastic also so if we pick them up afterward we can use them again next year. He said even discounted they would have ran around $125. It pays to have friends in the business. Just don't anybody go over to his place of work and thank him for it. (I'm not sure his boss knows)
Oh, by the way, that things sitting in front of a 125 gal tank.


Yeh those look great Chris! Very clean and professional looking - they should be easy for people to spot and follow. Thanks for getting that done!!
excellent work chris! You just past up david on getting things done! then again he was already at the bottom so dont get to big of a head! Thanks man you did awesome.
And david your doing a great job to!:grumble: Lub you man
Gotta say thanks to everyone... We really have all came together to get alot done for such a small group. See you guys tomorrow at 7.
Yes the zoas did come in. They are not as great as I expected, but they are nice. They also sent a nice fire and ice colony as well. The blues are carib blues so they take time to morph into their final color and they are on their way. They will be VERY nice after a few months in your tank. These frags sell for $40-50 on ebay each.
Greg will meet you guys at the front entrance to the room at 7:00. I don't get off until 8:00, so I won't be there. I'll send the remaining banners with him. He had to be at work at 5:30 this morning for a 700 person event, so please understand if he's in a hurry to get out of there.
hey guys. I have been busy with work all week to hit a deadline. I just now got home. I tried to catch up with the posts here but to summarize, everyone will be there @ 7am? I have to baby-sit until 11-ish so I will not be able to make it that early. The other half has work stuff to do in the morning and we'll ( i'll ) try to make it by as soon as the doors open.

I wish i never had to work for 'the man'. It's a bummer.
Hey Andy:

7 was tonight to do some pre arranging.

We are meeting at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Just get there when you can Andy. Hope to see you there.

Wow what a great time today! I hope everyone had a good time. I don't know what the swap was like last year but I thought today was a success. Everyone seemed to have a good time and it looked like everyone was selling/swapping their corals like mad. From what I have heard this year's swap was much better than last year, so next year will be even bigger and better! Great job everyone!!! Big thanks to everyone who helped make this event a success. It all seemed very professional and went very smoothly.:Cheers:
I couldn't of asked or imagined anything better.

I just want to say thank you again for all your guys help. I know it was alot of work, but I found it rewarding and hope you did as well.

Well its over and we can all get back to our normal selves!
I just wanted to thank everyone for makeing this event a success. All in all things went smoothly and everyone pulled together and did whatever needed to be done.
David - Thanks for doing the frag demo, You sacrificed spending the time selling and trading yourself and I know you well enough to know that was a big sacrifice.
Brandon - From the time we set a date you have been spending time every night planning and organizing. This wouldnt have ever happened without you.
Patrick- you and your wife did a excellent very profetional job on the raffle boxes, and you were always there to offer help wherever needed.
James- You where always there helping do whatever you saw needed help, And of all the people there your wife and daughter deserve the most thanks, From the time we got there they were organizing the raffle tables, Selling raffles, keeping up the white board. I never once saw them leave the table or complain. I was very impressed and you are a lucky man!
Chris - THE ROLL AROUND CART WAS A BIG SUCCESS!!! but really, the signs were awesome, the sounds was top notch, and you and your wife and daughter were so helpful.
Michael - you were always there for the emotional support, and I know if you didnt live in sweden you would have been more hands on! thanks for your good heart.
Chris - without your forums we couldnt have done anything, I know you kind of go unoticed sometimes but we really appretiate what you do behind the sceans.
Angela - thanks for getting the building organized it was perfect for the event, and the signs were great! and thank your husband for letting us in, and helping with the tables.

If ive left anyone out im sorry, PM me a nasty letter and ill take care of it!

Again thanks to everyone, there was alot more invloved than what ive listed but these are things that stood out to me!
thanks..i appreciate the comments and will pass it along to them but we pulled together as a group and pulled this off so we ALL deserve a pat on the back for an outstanding job :mrgreen:
I agree. I was very proud yesterday, in spite of how green I am in the club, to be a part of this orginization. I owe thanks and gratitude to many who helped us out yesterday. I learned so much! I had a gig last night so my actual time out up and functioning yesterday was from 5:30AM till 2:00AM so needless to say, I'm just now getting up. You guys were ALL awesome and I want to thank everyone again for allowing me to be involved with it in spite of my "youth" in the club. (That's only place I do have any youth)
I'll try to get the pics posted sometime later today...
We need another gallery... like an "People & Events" gallery... just a thought.