Official -- Frag Swap Information

Everything was above average with a couple Average comments on the frags. Which I would agree with... lots of stuff, but the really nice or rare stuff just wasn't there.

That may be and idea...
If the club could agree on who would keep them, maybe a club investment in some rare corals wouldn't be a bad thing. If we host an event and have a few of those to offer, then it just gives the club more operating capital. Of course, the downside is, if it dies....
One other thing... which album category do you want my few event photos I took put under?
I would put them in the club gallery think it is labeled ST NGA something or other.

Tank crashes is giong to happen no matter how good you think your tank is... right now i'm struggling with a clam and a brain and have no idea whats going on. Everything is 100% in line and I don't know what else to test or do...

Hey brandon, try getting a better skimmer, like a euro reef I hear there awesome, theres a euro reef club in this site somewhere I think! that would fix everything!:^:
I have offered before, but I can bring the MR-2 to your house any time and let them both run for a couple hours and see which is better.

just let me know when.