Official -- Frag Swap Information

For the suggestion box - lets use one of the "ballot" boxes we're getting. we can print out a graphic for the front of it and we can print little "cards" for the suggestions. I can get those printed. Just tell me how many suggestion slips to make.
Maybe you could do 4 per page printed landscape. so they would be 4x5.5 or something like that.

Maybe a few questions with a quick rating between 1 and 5 with two or three lines at the bottom with other comments.

I would say 100 total should be plenty. Hopefully we will run out but we won't need to fill one out and some people will just ignore it, but it is a good chance to get some feed back for the future.

Oh yeh, I have 1 50' extension cord and at least one 6 outlet power strip I'll bring. I'll be there fri night and early sat morning.

I think the best thing to do is for all of us to be prepared to take turns as needed at our fragging table.

I thought we were going to go to Walmart on the 29th while we are out at Brandon's.
Sounds good Brandon - anyone have any suggestions for the questions?
Something like this?...

1) Was the frag swap easy to find? 1 2 3 4 5
2) Were events at the swap organized? 1 2 3 4 5
3) Did you enjoy having a guest speaker? 1 2 3 4 5
Please give us any suggestions you may have to make the chattanooga frag swap better next year _____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I talked to Michael last night and I think he is under the impression that he's going to watch the frag table most of the time which is fine by me. I am going to be busy watching all the frags that everyone else has.:helm2: :helm2: :helm2:
Cool. Well when you need a break michael just ask, I'm sure one of us will be able to watch the the table so you can walk around a little too.
I contacted WAWL ( 91.5 ) and am waiting on a response.
One question to ask in the feedback should be " How did you hear about the event?" so we know what advertising worked best.

I am good with Macromedia Fireworks ( image editing ) and can make just about any image you guys can think of. Heck, i do it a lot at work ;) Lemme know.

I also think that we should bring a nano ( if anyone has an established one ) to display in addition to frags. This would create more interest to anyone NOT in the hobby I think. I have a nano but it wont be anywhere near presentable until next year LOL

If anyone needs some info from me more readily, my email address is andrew ( at ) abrichardson ( dot ) com. I get my email all day.
I contacted Alive 105 here in Cleveland. They do not charge to advertise events for non profit organizations. All they need is a fax of what to be said. I will send them the flyer along with a description of what we'd like to be said on the airwaves.

Side note - My wife and I had our baby on July 12 and I have been a little out of touch due to that. Hence the reason for my earlier post. I am a very organized and anal person and like to see things in a list form and checked off. I wasn't pointing fingers. Just inquiring what has been and needs done.
I sent an email off to the general director of WAWL and am still waiting to hear from him. I talked to UCTV channel 3 ( ft. oglethorpe ) and they do not charge for non-profit events and I sent them a fax of the flier for them to make a decision if it's 'non-profit'.

If there IS a charge, it's merely 20 dollars per show, per day. So, this may not be the best route ( as far as spending money is concerned )...I'll keep updating on that ;)

UCTV Channel 3 in fort oglethorpe has agreed to advertise the event on Morning Show and Night Talk every day until 4 August!! They are NOT CHARGING US!!

Who's yer buddy? Huh? :Cheers: :bounce:
Glad to see more "anal" people in the club... that means alot more :pooh: ing on David.

Anyways I agree there should have been a list, but due to an earlier issue with the flyer and having to postpone twice because of that I guess we started assuming others just weren't interested.

Sorry if anyone took anything the wrong way and for any communication problems.

I just shot off an email to our liason to the Downtown Partnership. Upon approval, the event will be posted in numerous emails to whomever subscribes to it. And, I THINK it gets posted in the Chattanooga News Free Press but I'm not certain about that yet. I'll keep up on that one ;)
sorry about my earlier post it didnt come out the way i meant it to be. ive just had a sucky past couple of weeks. i didnt mean anyone was stepping on toes at the time it was for future reference. all of you guys are great ppl so just ignore me at times. my main concern was trying to save some $.


btw brandon call me