My JBJ 28g Nano Cube

lol, well here is a pic where he was stuck, the little crater he made. that spot used to be all brown.


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ok if you u look at the pic above that brown stuff on the sand, well it now has long strings floatin from it, is there someting that eats that or something i can do?
Does it look snotty with bubbles? If so its dynos which are hard to get rid of. If it is, i would get on top of them right away by doing a black out and trying to suck out as many as you can.

And im pretty sure that stuff is toxic to inverts if eaten . .
That looks like cyanobacteria (red slime algae). You can suck as much out of the water by hand using a turkey baster. Also, it may help to increase flow in the areas where it's showing up, so move a powerhead around. Other things that fuel cyano are the same as other algaes -- overfeeding, tap water, overstocking. You can do a blackout for a few days too, that will help to get rid of it. But again, you still have to remove as much of it by hand.
ok thanks guys, i do use distill water for top offs, i feed my 1 fish really small frozen food to make sure he eats it all, ive gotten Damsel to come to the top it its like i put it right in his mouth lol, and he always eats everything he can see to grab. I dont feel like my tank is over crowed but im no expert so i could be wrong. And also if i do decide to do a blackout for a few days will my fish and coral be ok?
Sounds like your stocking and feeding are fine. And your fish and corals will be just fine with a blackout. The ocean experiences storms and reefs might not see the sun for a week or so. Just reacclimated them to the light, so start with a short photoperiod and slowly increase it. Also do a water change before and remove as much as you can by hand, do a water change in the middle and remove as much as you can, and then do large water change when you are done. You need to remove the nutrients they release when they die, otherwise they can just fuel more algae growth once the lights come back on.

Also, what is your alk at?
yea it is opps, well this is all my tests
Specific Gravity - 1.0225
Calcium - 410
NO2 - 0
NO3 - 0
Ammonia - 0
Ph - 8.2
KH - 214
PO4 - 0
Rinse it out really well to minimize the cloudiness in your water. After that, there are two good options, one is to use a long PVC pipe that reaches to the bottom of your tank and pour the sand into the pipe. Or, you can put the sand into a cup and slowly lower the cup to the bottom of your tank and gently pour the sand out.
So its time to replace my bulbs and im thinking of buying some leds instead of spending 55$ every year. Anyone have any suggestions for my 28g tank? like brands and how many?