JBJ Nano Cube 28g (first tank)


Reefing newb
Hello everyone, some of you may have see my post in new comers but this is going to be my thread for my tank so you and I can see it grow and track my progress. So the story is the tank was a hand me down, got it running already, just needed to fill it the rest of the way up and add some rocks. It was given to me with two black and white damsels but they were mean to everyone else so I 86'd them. But Its only been going for about a month now and just got the first coral in it. A hammer. Its pretty small but i plan to keep this tank a while. So let me know what you think. Im wide open to tips as I am a newbie and Id actually love to hear everyones 2 cents. Especially on how to make this hammer grow as fast as possible. Thanks everyone and plan to be talking to you in the future.


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Just more pics....


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Female Maroons can get up to 6" in length, and fairly wide from top to bottom. Think about switching it out for a smaller sized clown. I saw one at buddies hosue that he has had for 17 years... the thing is a monster. He stuck his hand in the tank, and it literally took a chunk of skin out lol. Other then that, looks good :)
Yeah, I think I eventually will trade it in for some smaller black clowns or snowflake. The store I got it had a pretty big one like about 5 inches. They said it'll bite you too. I wish i could get two baby maroon. Is that the only way they can breed?
You can pair them up later, it's just riskier. Even if you keep them together from the fry stage, as they age, and one becomes a dominant female, and the other becomes the submissive male, you'll see lots of aggression. But, it's do-able. :)
New additions to the tank.

I got two little tiny cardinal fish, one pajama and one benjaii, And a little beauty angelfish. All of them about an inch. As well as a fluorescent green acan I think. But the little angelfish is acting weird. Hanging upside down on a rock and leaning on rocks. Its also somewhat following my pregnant peppermint shrimp around. Do you think itll be okay?
New update on coral. Meant to do it a while ago but they're my buys at reefapalooza 2013. I honestly don't even know what all of them i just liked them and their prices :D haha. But here they are. If you know what they're called please tell me. Except the hammer and the montipora i know those haha. Thank you. 20131021_203148.jpg20131021_202920.jpg20131103_082549.jpg20131103_082530.jpg20131021_202931.jpg20131021_203037.jpg
Great I was wondering the name of the tree and I thought they were zoas Also the orange Acan i got a while ago it was actually my first acan. But I have another too which make it three you just couldn't see it in the pics. Its bright green. Do you know the difference in them? 20131103_095727.jpg20131103_095813.jpg20131103_095648.jpg20131103_095751.jpg
There is three kinds of Acans. Two of yours are Acanthastrea lordhowensis. The other type is Acanthastrea echinata or acan brain coral which is what I think the neon green is. The third is Acanthophyllia deshayesiana or doughnut coral.