JBJ 28 Nano Cube Start

I am seeing all that now. research is easy on this site and everyone seems to be very helpful which should help keep me straight on my new adventure!
Hey everyone is has been a while since I last checked in. I finally bought my testing kit a few days ago and my water parameters are doing great it seems! There are no traces of ammonia nitrate or nitrites and my ph is between 7.8 and 8.0 (thats a little low I believe). I still wont be adding any fish for another month or so because I am moving apartments and I see no reason to put fish through a move if I do not have to but I was curious if I could add some liquid reef "reef building" to my aquarium that is a complex for coralline algae to grow. Also I really want to add a coral or two to a rock if you guys think its ok to do so before I move but I will take all advice that I get here! Thanks guys
You could add a few corals, but the more stuff you have in there, the larger of pain it becomes to move everything. Your choice though!

And as long as you have good water parameters the coralline will grow, but I have noticed that it grows faster in tanks that have more blue light.
luckily I am moving withing the same complex just upgrading to a 2 bedroom so im moving a matter or feet lol. And that's good news I will leave my blue lights on from now on. I dont leave my main leds on but I leave my refugium lights on because I am growing chaeto and selling it back to my lps.