My JBJ 28g Nano Cube

Its been about a month since my last post update on my tank and ive added a few new things since then:
5 Nass Snails now 4
2 Zebra Turbo Snails
8 Blue-Legged Crabs ( the one in the pic is on top of the dead nass shell)
1 Blue Damsel
4 Zoas
1 Hydor Koralia Nano Circulation Pump/Powerhead 425gph

And Soon to be starting my g/fs 10g tank


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ok im having trouble getting my water temp to drop its at 83, i turned off the heater for the past 2 days just put a small fan on the light. what to do?
Have you tried putting a fan on the edge of the tank, so it blows across the water (with the top open)? You will see more evaporation, but it will cool it down.
I just started following your thread rellikdloc, i noticed you were having heater troubles. I too use the Marineland visi-therm heaters (great choice of heater). You may have purchased a new one by now but i wanted to let you know, Marineland has recalled these heaters and petsmart emailed me the other day about the recall.

this is what the email stated

Dear Valued PetSmart Pet Parent,

Marineland has issued a voluntary withdrawal of the Stealth PRO Submersible Heater (100, 200 and 250 watt). The product is being withdrawn due to a quality issue.

If you have this product, please stop using it immediately and take the following steps:

1. Unplug the heater from the wall to stop the flow of electricity
2. Let the heater cool for 15 minutes
3. Remove the heater from the tank

Please bring the product to your closest PetSmart for a full refund or exchange. Replace the product with a comparable heater as soon as possible to maintain the temperature of your aquarium. A PetSmart store associate can help you select the right heater for your aquatic environment.

If you have questions about this withdrawal, please call Marineland Customer Service at 800-526-0650 or 800-432-6986.

At PetSmart, we are concerned pet parents, too. We will continue to do everything we can to help you and your pet during this time. "

If you got your heaters from petsmart, go exchange them. If you didnt get them from petsmart, you may wanna take it in and see if they'll swap it out... pull the "I lost my receipt" routine. Worth a shot, or at least get money back for one and call marineland for the other.
I just started following this thread (and this website for that matter)
I have this same tank, I have zoas, frogspawn, xenia, and mushrooms and all do well with the lighting provided. I also built a protein skimmer with a old gravel vac and a small funnel and it works verywell (and saves about 50$). Keep that in mind if you start looking for a nano skimmer.
thx buddy, i did get it from petco ill have to look for the reciept hopefully i still have it but i doubt it.

I also have added a frogspawn/hammerhead in 1 about 2 weeks ago and yesturday just got some Star Polyps and a Duncan
Another update:

ok ive added a Duncan, some Star Polyps and 2 green floating mushrooms. And ive lost another nass snail and noticed i lost a diff nass snail prob. awhile ago and today just found a dead blue legged crab. So im down to 2 nass snails and 7 crabs. I dont have a great camera so the pics are the best in the world, but u can see everything.


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They sell iodine test kits but, if you're doing regular water changes then there'll never really be a need to test for it. Most people never test it.
well on my last update i told u guyz 1 of my crabs died i found him lying on the very top rock with no shell, and now yesturday i found another crab on the sand with no shell and i thought he was dead b/c the water was pushin him around and it seemed like he was dead but then he grabbed hold of a rock and disappeared under one of my zoas i havent seem him 2day but with no shell i figure he was dying :(
:( i feel like everything is dying. I just woke up to find my big zebra turbo snail on the sand bed on its side, im pretty sure he is dead, im bout to take him out after this post. but it looks like he was tryin to bury himself, he dug up a some sand and is just lyingm on his side in the hole. :(
That's a bummer... I just looked the last couple posts... have you tested for copper or stray voltage? Both of those will kill off inverts.
Well great news! i just picked him up off the sand bed and dusted all the sand off of him and put him on a rock and he startin going. Looks as if he got stuck in the sand bed and couldnt get the sand off of him, b/c he made a good little hole in the sand. But he is alive and movin yay :)