Matt's 20 gallon long


Thanks Brittany and Marinne13 :) I love him hes still doing great. Was told they are very shy fish who hide when someone approaces the tank, but infact, hes been the very opposite always coming up to see whos looking in at him following my finger. Great active fish and love what hes doing for my algae control as well. About 2 weeks ago i returned my friends yellow watchman and got a sixline wrasse. Im aware of how aggressive these fish can be, and was willing to return him if any signs of aggression or stress was shown. Id rather not have one then an unhappy one. Was hoping since i added him last after my flame angel there would be no issues and i was correct. For two weeks now they have been getting along great, not one single sign of aggression yet, not even at feeding time. He looks very happy and eats a like a champ everyday. I feed them both everyday flakes on odd days and vitimain enriced brine on even days. These will be my only two fish for this tank until i upgrade someday. My wrasse did however jump out of my tank the third day i had him. Luckily i was there to put him back in the tank and its been over a week now since that happened and am pleased to say he is better then ever. I have also fixed that from ever happening again by making a screen cover for my tank. Anyways here she is...


You they totally are Erin. :-) I've read so many things about how they can both be a pain in the ass possibly. But, I gotta tell you they have both been great . They seem to love it in there. Guess I just got good luck picking them out. ;-)
Got some frags today. My first sps! Can't remember the name... Also a monti cap and some zoas also can't remember the name... Here's some pictures I just put them in so acclamating them to my lights . Is it OK to leave them on the sand while they acclimate? I know the Zoas are OK. But the two sps? More pics to come once the zoas open and when i find their final growing places :)
Ya that's what I'm doing. Sorry that picture is deceiving . That picture is of me just temperature acclamating them. Should have had the lights off for that. My bad. Should I leave them in one spot for a few days? Then move them up a bit for a few days and so on? Never had sps not sure if they are the same acclamation process as lps. Researching it now. But always prefer hands on advice from an experienced reefer.
Few 10 dollar frags i bought. If anyone can ID the first sps for me would be great. Cant remember the name he just told me it was a good beginner sps to start with.




Oh and I also moved my Blastomussa murletti down to the sand. Since I put in the LEDs it has been looking a little shriveled. Also noticed some other people on here had them on the sand and they looked great. Hoping mine will do the same.
No there's 2 there a 245 and a 225 just can't see it cause of the dark spot. Not sure why it looks so dark in my pics in real life it's not even close to that dark. In the last fts pic the shrimp is hanging off the other powerhead in the top right.
new update. Gots me some new lights! The evergrow it2060 full spectrum, 51 3 watt leds. Fully programmable for the sunrise, sunset effect and fully dimmable. All touh screen interface pretty sweet! My first set of decent lights im pumped! Everything looks so much more vibrant! My montipora digitata which I thought was brown is now red!


First plug in (at around 30% here)

After mounting (around 30% blues here and 15% whites, reds, greens and violets) Thinking i may lower them a bit sitting around 14" from water surface seems a little high.

Same brightness as above pic just close up. My phone camera sucks.

Did a quick program to acclimate my corals to these, at peak my blues are 40% and my other colors around 20%. THink thats ok for now for a few days to see how my corals react. Never had programmable or even dimmable lights before so its pretty new to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Oh and also just got this acro i cant remember the name for the life of me. THe guy in the store said a Bristle or thissle something? Ring any bells? Told me they were kind of rare compared to other sps's. IF someone could id it for me ill love you forever. Camera doesnt do it justice its more purpley with greenish nodes on it.

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