Matt's 20 gallon long

Looks great! I decided on the 4 bulb coralife. Tons better than the VHOs I had on it. Thanks! Now to add some coral.


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Nothing new really to see here, everything is doing just great. My new torch is still looking amazing my fish are all healthy and happy and eating like pigs. My Kenya tree has started to propagate itself so i took the liberty of placing a few branches around the tank they have anchored themsleves very quickly to my live rock. I also got some new green star polyps i think they are called. The green grassy looking stuff, hoping to spread it all over my rock. So far so good, its getting alot easier. :) Its too bad i can never get manny and gobi-won in the main tank pics but they are usually cruising the back of the tank togeather thats their stomping grounds while the clowns remain up front and in your face as usual.


Also, I didn't want to start a new thread for this. I recently bought a new tablet. Uploading pictures to photo bucket is no issue. However, copying and pasting the pics I can't figure out. It shows me the link but it's greyd out and won't let me do anything with it. Holding down on it or touching it does nothing. Any tablet owners help me out? It's a samsung galaxy tab 2. Much appreciated.
No tablet here sorry. I just sport the iPhone. Tank is looking great!! That torch is getting huge!! The Gsp will spread in no time. Grows like a weed :)
Hey everyone.long time no see.i recently moved to a bigger city and with that came the hassle of tearing down my tank and resetting it.although, i have to admit it wasnt that bad. I figured while i had my tank empty id take advantage and clean the crap out of of it. I razor bladed all the walls except the back where nice purple coralline algae had has now all turned white. Im assuming from the 45 minutes or so of not having water in it.will it chamge back?or just remain white.i also took all my old sand out and put new stuff in plus about an extra 2 to 3 inches more.everything is looking great . My algae problem and red slime has long since passed my tank parameters are perfect and holding now. I kept all of the same water for the move and rocks and fish and corals and they have all settled in nicely.thinking of getting an anemone this weekend. We are going shopping this evening and am planning on looking for one then.any advice to a newb anemone owner would be great.i know tank params are a huge factor anything else? Also from reading on this site i know it takes awhile for them to settle in to a happy spot. Any precautions i should make? Any advice would be much appreciated. Sorry for grammer .gave up my computer forna tablet and its not as picky.
I would suggest a bubble tip anemone, great starter nem...they will move around if they don't like their sport so watch it closely

judging from the pictures you have, there are tons of coral in there and that would be my only concern is an anemone stinging one by getting too close. Also make sure you adjust him to the light, maybe only run the actinics for a couple days
Bubble tips are great nems! They do move a bit but once happy will usually stay there. Just make sure it doesn't get too close to powerheads! Good luck!
Thanks brittany!i got a green bubble tip.its jusr alittle guy about the size of a golfball. He seems to be doing great all puffed up.For the first few days it moved around but seems to have picked a nice spot. Lots of light and also getting the marineland reef capable leds hoping it will be just as goodmas my t5s. I like your new hair btw brittany looks good.!
I just got a RBTA the size of a tennis ball looking for its spot still. It's a joy to find things all moved about when I get home at night
Hey so i got a green bubble tip anemone i beleive, had it for a week now seems to be doing great. I placed it in my tank last friday and basically left it alone it seems to have settled in a nice place and opens up rather nice. ITs just a little guy. Also got my marineland reef capable 24-36 inch leds on now. THe anemone has opened up even more in this light, hope its because it likes it. Got some spotlighting with the leds but overall they look great and seem to be doing there job. Right now i have them off centered so that theres more light on the nem my finger leather on the left looks almost in the dark but trust me he has plenty ogf light. Its just how the camera took the pic. Also you were right the green star polyps have grown like weedes if you look at my last pic compared to now. I love it i think it loos great . heres some pics. Also it saddens me to say that Manny did not survive the move nor did my torch coral. ITs a shame i loved both of them ,not sure what i did wrong since everything else was fine.


Thanks Erin,it was a sad have such a great pet especially one that is typically so hard to take care of pass away.He was doing great too eating everything getting fat.thanks on the nem i was extremley nervous about it since its my first but so far so good! Will be going to missisauga soon to get another torch the guy there has an inbeleivable selection. Also if anyone can chime in,any chance on my once purple coralline algae now white turning back to its originsl color?or should i just scrape it and start over.looks like drywall putty on there.
You know i will!he had so many colors i wasnt sure if they came in such a wide variety like purple,orange,green. Is that normal or should i worry about him maybe dying them