Matt's 20 gallon long

You know i will!he had so many colors i wasnt sure if they came in such a wide variety like purple,orange,green. Is that normal or should i worry about him maybe dying them

They come in a lot of really cool colors. Be wary of things that are like... SUPER neon colors. Like unnatural. Or take a picture and we can be the judge. :D
I would be worried about color but I seen some such as mine with such brillian reds greens and purples on it and it has not faded on bit.
Thanks zyber that's a wicked looking torch or Anemone.. I was more worried that since I moved my coralline on the back had turned white if it will ever regain it's normal purply color back.
Thanks zyber that's a wicked looking torch or Anemone.. I was more worried that since I moved my coralline on the back had turned white if it will ever regain it's normal purply color back.
It's my new RBTA got it a few days ago. I'll take a better pic tomorrow it's amazing
This is firth thing in the morning before the 20k blues everything out. and my phone had some white light to work with.

Hopefully yours will keep its awesome coloration and thrive :D
Thanks! So far so good I'm feeding it clam meat from the grocery store and it's loving it. I was hoping for an rbta as well. But I figured for my first nem I'd go with something a little cheaper to see how it goes. Yours is really vibrant makes me wish I went with one now.
Thanks I hear you my first nem was a $5 condy it got huge and I got rid of it. After that I got some rock flowers and a maxi mini fallowed by a small LT. they all got so huge I traded them for corals now i may get more nems for the fun of having nems. though I'm going to wait till this tank hits a year regardless of the RBTA I have now in it. Best of luck with the nem they are great animals :D
So bad news, my 2 clowns have passed on. As well as my firefish. I recently purchased an Anemone along with my firefish 3 weeks ago. Everything was great, everyone was getting along and my Anemone is still doing great. I did my weekly water change on Saturday fed them they all ate great. Sunday I awoke to 2 dead clown fish covered in white mucus. I immediately checked my water Parameters and they were as follows.
Salinity 1.025
Ammonia 0
Ph 8.1
Nitrites 0
Nitrates. 5ppm which is very low for my tank.
Phos 0
Everything seemed fine. I awoke this morning and my firefish had died as well. Looked like Ich but I'm not sure. Part of his tail was missing as well. The food was frozen vitamin enriched brine as I have been feeding them since day 1. Everything else in my tank looks better then ever including my gbta. My main question is will my tank always carry the potential disease if that's what it was.. Or will it eventually go away. I don't want to put any new fish in there until I'm 100% sure it's gone. Any input would be much appreciated. Ty
If it was ich, I have read that it will always be present in your tank once you have it. You just have to learn to deal with it. It will probably show up every time your fish are under stress.

The only thing that make me a little curious is that "white mucus" you found your clowns covered it looks like something try to eat them, but finally couldn't do it. Also the fire fish tail was missing? looks like something try to eat that fish too. I have no idea how big is your anemone but if you don't have any other predator in that tank I wonder if that anemone sting those fish and them try to eat them. Just a thought.
Thanks Sakura, my Anemone is roughly the size of I'd say a toonie guess you have to be Canadian to get that reference. I really don't think it was my Anemone. I've never seen any fish go anywhere near it before. The white mucus was on the dead and living clown. It was sitting in front of the power head non stop like it was trying to get it blown off, and it did work a little bit while it was alive . Erin I'm not sure it looked like a white film, like I said though it was partly coming off with the power head. He was breathing heavy and swimming irradically. As for the firefish , I didn't see a mucus on him but with him being mostly white I might have missed it. I did however see what I believed to be white specs on him. I still have goby won and he seems to be doing fine other then looking confused that he's the only fish in there now. He ate just fine last night. The only other thing is I fed them a different brand of vitamin enriched brine on Saturday then I normally do. Since I moved I had to settle with what I can find around here. And it was weird my clowns ate some if it then turned it down. Which is very rare for my clowns to turn down anything.
No I don't think so. It's like a light purpilish pattern on it. Hard to tell with my crappy. Cam. When it fully opens you can really see the pattern.
Your anemone looks very good. Then, maybe it was the new fish food they ate. Maybe Erin is right, probably it was something fungal who kill the fish. I'm glad your anemone is OK.
The BTA is looking great! IT's not turning white but when you put it under some blues... that thing will pop with pretty little white specs. Do you have a current picture?
Thanks Sakura :-) that is a current picture from today kyle I have the Marineland reef capable leds. I do spot feed it normally clam or unseasoned untouched seafood that I get from the grocery store. Anything meaty.
New update, my tank had been fishless for the past oh month or so. Not sure why all my fish passed on im guessing possibly from a new fish being introduced who was possibly sick but who knows. I waited around a month to get another fish and so far he is doing great had him for around almost 3 weeks now. He is my only fish right now although i am also holding a yellow watchman goby for a friend until the end of the week. They are both doing great and get along very well. I am planning on getting maybe one more fish after i return the watchman and thats it for me until i upgrade. Heres some pics hes beautful. Also he has shown no aggression or any nipping habits to corals at all, a very happy, healthy very playful curious guy. Say hello to Twitch,