d2mini's Epic Fantabulous New Reef Build

Wow that tank is amazing! That Wrasse that you have that you didn't know the name of is a Lubbocks Fairy Wrasse..I have one in mine. Love them!
New little hitchhiker discovered... a tiny red decorator crab! I love these guys. This one is only about a 1/2" tall. :)


And a macro of an unidentified stony coral from TBS.

Hmm another fabulous fish in d2's tank....*yawn* .........Just kidding, friggen amazing!!!!:claphands
Since when did you start © your photos Denis lol - Beautiful photo though! Love this build such an inspiration.

Edit: Wow just found your website - nice one!
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Hehe....his copyright pops up here and there...and right he should! Photos of his quality should be watermarked. Usually he uses the lemon one. I like that one.

Fish eyes so hypnotizing!