chichimom79's 60 gallon cube

Well the burping it they get exposed and keeping my water to its liking also this mixed with the price tag of them here I just can't bring myself to pay 80-100+ on a small one.....
But I love them clams are one of my fav for sure...

If you're willing to drive down to Sparta, NJ.... Fin City Aquatics have several clams for sale that range between 4-7" for 50-80$. Not so small :p
Hey Angie I'm going to do it... I'm Getting a Crocea Clam with the 75g upgrade. I'll e taking a shot in the dark. any tips and pointers from your exp?
Don't let it fall down the rockwork? LOL No, seriously- as long as you get one at least three inches and it has enough light, it should do great in your tank.
The awesomez update...
I have a few new friends in the cube, and I have a Kessil A350 on it's way. Should be here next week, and I am super stoked!! The new light will solve so many issues with this tank!! YAY!

I took your advice Fishy! I need another drag queen name for this new little cutie...


He ate well at the store and I am giving him Nutrimar Ova mixed with Rod's Food. How often should I feed him? Daily? Twice daily? I think he might be eating those little flatworms also! Bonus!

Rainbow Trach. I definitely wish I had a better camera for this one... justice is not being served here


This piece got thrown in to make the price of the brain a bit more palatable.. LOL! Anybody know what it is?


What is this fuzzy white stuff that is growing on my powerheads and snail shells?

Also got a few emerald crabs since I am seeing some bubble algae.
I believe the Coral in question posted on Oct 12th is the known as the ol' dogpile chalice.
Thanks! All of my monti's, caps and digi's do really well while I can't get a few of the acros to extend their polyps at all. I think I need to start dripping kalk again.
Lost power at 2:30 am and it was off for eight hours due to a crazy storm. After the sun finally came up, my father came over and helped to get the generator out for the first time. I was stirring the tank manually for several hours.... I am exhausted. Thank goodness it was 76 degrees outside!