chichimom79's 60 gallon cube


reef junkie
It's full and looks awesome if I do say so myself! I have been working very hard :sfish:
I hope you like it :Cheers:
Thanks all! And for the suggestion, Samhain! I have been pondering what to put in here, keeping in mind that eventually the maroon clowns will be in here. I would love to have a Potter's Angel, but not sure if I want to have to watch so closely for coral nipping. So I need tank mate suggestions! :D

I will be adding more live rock to the tank the next time my sister is down from St. Louis. That will be fun.
Looks good!

Not sure if that would be a good tank for a potters. They seem to need a large tank with lots of rockwork. However, a flame or coral beauty would be stunning in there.
Not sure if they could co-exist with the clown but it looks like it is tall enough that you could probably do sea horses if you wanted. Little fish, care to chime in? Also, +1 on the flame angel. That would probably do well with you clowns. I would also do some cool crabs. Maybe a sally light foot? I hear they are mean but your clowns should be just as mean. Also, maybe think about doing FOWLR with a really nice nem?
With those clowns, anything in that tank is gonna need to be able to hold their own. May I suggest a dottyback or basslet? A lionfish is always cool too, but they'll decimate any shrimp you put in there.....
Sally lightfoot crabs will eat your fish, so I wouldnt suggest that route for any tank. It isnt a thing of one being mean or not, its a predator finding lunch that just happens to be a mean fish.

Maroons will not mix with seahorses either, they are much too aggressive. If you do want to do seahorse, you will need to do some serious research and be willing to commit to their different needs.

Anthias dont do well in new tanks, but latter on a harem could be very cool.

I like the suggestion of a dottyback or basslet.
I am not interested in doing seahorses at this time, as cool as they are. I don't want to dedicate the entire tank to them, so that's out.
I have thought about the anthias harem, but I wasn't aware that they need a long established tank.
I have also thought about a pretty little wrasse, but I know they like to jump so I would need a screen top first :P
I have never had mandarins and I would love to try those also, but I know they require lots of pods.
Yesterday I bought one of those plastic breeder cages to stick in my sump. I am going to put the chaeto in it since I have no baffles in my sump. I don't want it getting sucked into my skimmer or return pump, If I seed the tank with lots of different pods, do you think a mandarin pair is an option? It would be cool to have the clown pair, a mandarin pair and then an anthias harem. Any thoughts?
A 60 gal is pretty small for a pair of mandarines, its likely that even if you get a male/female pair they will still fight or they will run out of food. And even if you seed your tank with pods now, it will be several months before you can add a mandarine.

Personally, i would get your screen top made (its easy, only takes a few hours) and get a harem of the fairy/flasher wrasses. They are super pretty and really hardy.