chichimom79's 60 gallon cube

You have a beautiful tank! I LOVE the Corals! I enjoyed the entire thread with the photos, videos and seeing how supportive & helpful a community there is here on the site! Kudos to all of you! I will be checking out the other Tank Build threads over the next few days.

I hope my 125 I am trying to setup will one day be full of corals! I would love to have an anemone & a clown after the tank is established AND I know enough about the hobby not to kill the anemone... or anything else, for that matter!

I am going to go get my Live Sand, Dry Rock & Live Rock once I figure out which RO filter to buy...and send my brother under the house to check the floor joists and see if I need to put some blocks under the floor. LOL, a minor thing I forgot :frustrat: to take into account was how heavy this tank will be when filled. I have wood floors and my house sits up off the ground...

At least I realized I need to check the joists & floor supports before adding 1,400 pounds of water, rock, sand, the tank itself & stand, etc. It would kill me to see my tank go crashing through the floor! Especially if I had any critters in there!

Looking forward to having my own reef soon.
How do you feed your mandarin? Do you just put the food in the water column and let t feed like the other fish? Or do you spot feed it?
It appears that he eats whatever food falls to the bottom of the tank that my shrimp doesn't get first. I don't worry too much about him because I have so much rock in my system and sump that I have a ton of pods for him to munch on as well. I just made sure to watch it eat at the LFS before I brought him home and I got one that was small. I felt like it might adjust better than one that grew large before being caught.
A few new pics. No making fun of my flame wallpaper border. I still haven't gotten around to painting this room. :roll:

I'm going to rename Mandy to The Blur LOL So camera shy!

Weezey says Hello!

Sasha <3
Moved my rock around and am putting most of my SPS in the ten gallon. Can't get my nitrates down enough to please them and I haven't even checked phosphates. They may be high too.

The nem is becoming a monster. It stretches the gap between the two powerheads on the back. I'm afraid of it getting sucked into one, but so far so good.

Acans having babies like crazy :D