And We're Live! Buddys 75g Setup

the little rock is was on was sitting mid level in the aquarium, when i came home the other night the rock had fallen under the other live rock and i had to shimmy my way through the rockwork to get it but when i grabbed the rock, the anemone (or coral) was gone. so i guess its a waiting game for him to surface. if its an anemone, will it crawl out from where ever to get light?
what i have is called a rock flower anemone, i tore the tank apart looking for it to get it out....which i hate doing! I can never get the rocks to stack the way i had them originally! it did nothing but waste 2 hours of my time looking for the stupid thing and re-stacking rocks which messed up my clear water. Now its just a waiting game to see if the anemone resurfaces or kills off everything in my tank.
wish i would have read this earlier.... before i decided to redo all of the rock work today. I will post some pictures tomorrow when water clears up. I like it, but i dont.... I like the other aquascaping better because it looked more "natural" but now i have a rock wall. I think the first setup was nice for a fish only aquarium but this new aquascaping may display corals better. We will have to see.

Tank update: Mushroom is splitting which is really cool, peppermint shrimp is gone, pretty sure he died. As for the anemone, its gone and is no where to be found so maybe it died as well. I checked every rock individually as i re-did the rocks and found nothing.

Im about to make an order for more snails for a clean up crew and within a few weeks will be purchasing the last bit of fish to stock in the aquarium. Then it will be all corals from there on out. I need to look into getting a frag rack, any ideas where i can buy one or two for a reasonable price?
awesome! and i have lots of left over egg crate to make it with. thanks for the idea, next week im making my DIY LED moonlights, ill have to make a thread for that for fun
The egg crate idea wont work little fish :[ My canopy gets in the way and its hard to fasten it to the back of the tank with the rocks in the way. I'll have to order one online from ebay i suppose. Heres the new pictures as promised with the new tank layout. This again gives it more room to display corals and i have also made numerous caves and ledges for the fish to swim in and out of. Its beginning to grow on me. I cant wait for the backwall to be covered in corals.






duncan (left) and frogspawn (right) frags:

birds nest (middle), kenya tree (left), and pissed off green star polyp above birds nest) frags:

mushroom begging to split:

candy canes:


hammer coral (wall):

zoa frags:

FTS Panoramic:

I do have a few questions to make sure im doing everything properly and efficiently to maintain corals/feeding/and water conditions. Kind of late asking but better late than never.

How often should i test my calcium and alkalinity?
What would you recommend for coral supplements or foods?
How often should i does?
Should i be concerned with magnesium?
What all should i test for when i test my waters other than the usual ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, ph,salinity, calc, alk, and phosphates?

as for my equipment, what else should i invest in to enhance my aquarium further i.e. water quality, coral supplements, and other maintenance priorities.

I have: 2x powerheads pushing a combined 3200GPH, mag 7 return pump pushing roughly 400-700 GPH, 125lbs live rock, 5gallon fuge, insump protein skimmer rated for 125g, VHO ballast pushing 4x 48" t5 HO lights with the reflectors, 2x 4" cooling fans for lights, 1 filter sock with activated carbon submerged in sump, and a refractometer.

Im feeding frozen mysis shrimp, frozen brine shrimp, and algae sheets. How often should i feed this, how much, and is there anything else i should add to my fishes diets?
Looks good!

And i think you set equipment wise, looks like you have everything you need. I usually check for nitrates, calcium, and alk everyother week. If the corals are looking funny then i test ammonia, nitrite and nitrates as soon as i notice. I have yet to need to dose anything with lots of fast growing stonies, i just do regular water changes. Magnesium is important to test for, but i figure its probably fine because im getting good coral growth.

I would feed the lps corals mysids every other day or something like that so they grow faster, they should all put out feeder tentacles. I wouldnt worry about any other supplements. Never underestimate the power of fish poop for that kind of stuff

For the fish, brine has almost no nutritional value so i would change that to stuff like krill, squid, clam, table shrimp etc. you can get some awsome mixed blends of stuff. Check out petco/petsmart, they usually have really good frozen foods. And i would feed every day, just make sure that you dont overfeed. And daily algae sheets.
yeah im just using up the rest of the bring cubes i have left over. I will get krill here in the next few days. I dont have any carnivore fish so would i need clams, squid, or table shrimp? and will my herbivore fish eat krill? like my yellow tang i.e.
just cut it up, and variety is key because not every meat source will have all the same proteins and lipids. Its like us, if we ate only chicken, we wouldnt be nearly as healthy as if we ate a balanced diet.
how much should i feed them? Im putting an algae sheet (3"x3") every other day and lately have been feeding them 1 mysis cube a day
are they eating the whole algae sheet? or are large bits floating away?

If they are eating the whole thing, i would give them a whole piece of that a day because they are primarily herbivores.

I would give them at most half a cube of mysid a day, probably more like a quarter.

Just to double check, you only have the tang and coral beauty right? or do you have a goby too?
coral beauty, yellow tang, roughly 8 turban snails, 8 hermits, 1 cleaner shrimp, and one brittle starfish. The cleaner shrimp goes after the mysis shrimp during feeding as well.
I forgot to mention that you can get an old magnet scraper and glue that screening stuff to the magnet and get a really cool frag rack you can move around.
i may be making a group order here locally from mrcoral soon so i look forward to those new additions soon. just gotta round some peeps up for big order
update: my coral beauty named barney has become an ass. I bought 2 chromis (for the sake of my girlfriend shutting up) and barney picked on one constantly to the point where they swam at the top of the tank and hid behind my return pipes and overflows so i removed them and traded them for a purple death paly frag and nuke green paly frag. Question, will he be aggressive like that towards clowns when i add them? Because here in the next week or so; i plan to add a pair of clowns to the tank
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