And We're Live! Buddys 75g Setup

Decided not to post the pictures. It was that ugly... I had a minor cyano outbreak and am in the process of removing it. Bio pellet reactor is definitely working but not as fast as I would like. If I did a black out like I did the last time, it would probably rid the remaining cyano from the tank but the anthias need to eat so thats a no go.

Huge update: Purchased the 180gallon today. I planned on having a custom one made and shipped but the price was a little excessive to convince the lady. However, I did find a brand new marineland perfecto w/ corner overflows on a local reefing forum. The price was to good to pass up so I jumped at the opportunity and rolled over to Atlanta, Ga today to pick it up. Now the beast is sitting in the garage waiting for me to build its new home. With that being said, keep a look out for the new tank thread :)