And We're Live! Buddys 75g Setup

i dont think its a curlicue, the polyps/tentacles are too narrow at the base and fat at the end. theyre roughly a cm in length and theres about 15 of them on it. its in a crevice so i cant see the base of it, just the top portion.

as for the other creatures in my tank, any i should be worried with?
Spaghetti worms Don't worry about 'em
Hundreds of baby snails Also don't worry about 'em
Hydroid Jellies I don't really know
Flatworms (Noticed 3 or 4 today...Very small but move rather quickly for their size, theyre white, and have a forked tail. maybe .5mm in size. Now would be an awesome time to use Flatworm Exit. Nuke 'em!
Feather dusters Good guys
bristleworm (I barely caught glimpse of this thing, Maybe a half inch in size and was red with white bristles. It came out of a crack in my liverock and was visible maybe 15 seconds before it vanished back where it came from. This is the first time ive seen this thing and am affraid there may be more of them. Also good guys
vermetid snails (hate these things with a passion):frustrat: This is up to you. I have a bunch of them... the big ones I superglue shut.

Hope that helps!
Thanks Erin! Helps a lot. I smashed the big ones with a hammer. Lol, Little ones are on rocks that i cant take out so ive been reaching in there and breaking them off.
what i thought was aiptasia is now looking more like stinging hydroids. I will be removing that rock tomorrow. also, another rock of mine that i found the bristle worm living in also has 2 patches of these stinging hydroids and with a LED flashlight, their polyps glow neon green. How should i approach this and whats the best way to fix this problem before it gets out of hand
not sure if this was the right approach to fix the problem but i went ahead and removed those rocks and boiled them for 20 mins, then cooked them in the oven for another 15... theyre now on the back porch basking in the sun for at least a week or so. i will then scrub them with hard bristled brush, rinse them, and let them stand for another week in the sun to ensure all unwanted critters are gone.

P.S. i don't recommend doing this, smells horrible and stunk up the kitchen for a good 24 hours. Putting them yankee candles to work... Girlfriend was pissssed! :(
they say we all learn by trial an error... Definitely learned to avoid used liverock!

Whats the best way to dose flatworm exit? Do i need to have carbon like the instructions recommend? and do i need to stir the sand on the bottom? This is where i think theyre hiding. Ive only seen them withing an inch of the substrate and i can see tiny tunnels in the sand that i believe to be from the flatworms.
New Goodies!

acclimating the new fellas:

Meet Barney! :

Meet Fred!:

and of course the good as new Big Bird (do make note of Barney being a complete creeper in the background. Hint: hes in the cave under Big Bird)

New coral, Pictures do it no justice. Has lime green center with an outer maroon circle and green polyps on the edge. Got it for $20 at my LFS (forgot the name of it)

and my new hammer coral:

Will update in a few hours with water parameters and a few mor pics after corals have adjusted.

Thank you little fish, IMO he could use a little meat on his bones but he has definitely plumped up. I spent an hour staring a at my LFS coral wall, I want some colorful corals with a lot of movement and vibrant colors.

Any ideas?
Watched a guy walk into the LFS yesterday and donate a bigggg clam and 2 corals. I wanted to ask him for them soo bad but didnt know what they were exposed too in his tank.