And We're Live! Buddys 75g Setup

update, Ich is gone! when the issue was first brought up, my tang had 3 white spots on him. 1 on his dorsal fin and 2 on his tail fin. Within 2 days of feeding him mysis and algea sheets, the dorsal fin spot vanished. a few days later, one on the tail vanished and the 3rd became faintly white. Now all spots are missing and big bird is still eating happily. Infact, hes plumped up a bit to around his stomach and ventral fins which im sure is a good sign. With that being said, is it too soon to add another fish? Im thinking about giving it a few more days to ensure its gone before i do but if i do add another fish, that would mean ive added two fish in 1 month along with some inverts... Will this strain my bioload?
Water pars are as followed:
ph 8.4
temp 78.7
salinity 1.025
ammonia 0
nitrates 0
nitrites 0

One of my bulbs white bulbs is about to burn out so i need to go replace it. Hopefully the LFS will credit me another one since i just purchased these in January and have only been operating the beginning of Feb.

on another note, i have some aiptasia coming up and need to know the best way to get rid of this. I have 1 peppermint shrimp but he rarely comes out. Should i go buy him some more companions?

Also, i have 4 turbo snails in the aquarium. I think one is dying though, i keep finding it upside down on the bottom of the tank and i simply place him upright. This happens once a day and when i attach him to the glass, hes very easy to pry off and his "foot" is opened up as much as the other snails. What should i do with him? And once again i have baby snails all over the glass. Im not sure if these were the ones ive seen when i first set up the aquarium (they vanished for about 2 weeks after first seeing them) or if these are new snails from one of the turbos. Give or take, theres about 10-15 of them on the glass that i can see, not including ones hiding on the rocks.

Pictures coming as soon as girlfriend arrives home with camera ;D
Im so glad he got over the ich! And good job fatting him up too.

But i would still wait a couple weeks to get another fish, not just for the bacteria, but to give big bird another couple of weeks to fatten up and get established. That will help when you introduce the new fish to keep the stress levels down to prevent another out break.

And im not quite sure what is up with your snails, did they go through the tank cycle?

Also, the peps wont eat the large aiptasia unless the really have no other options, and other options are usually really easy to find in our tanks. I would just kill it with some Aiptasia X. But adding a couple more is never a bad idea, it helps increase the odds that they will get off them.
these anemone sprouts are roughly 1mm -2mm in size. not very big (yet) I'll look into the aiptasia x.

I went to my LFS today and purchased a new bulb, new food clip, and a small portion of cheato (was wayyyyy overpriced....) I went to lowes and purchased a light fixture for it. I came across these and wondered if these would work for lighting in my fuge. What do you think? It would give me a cleaner look. I thought about using 2 of them.

Shop Utilitech 3-Pack 120-Volt Puck Light - Nickel at

Heres the pictures as promised. The baby snails are MIA again. They were out while the lighting was off. Big bird is camera shy so bare with me.

setup as is:

new light:

sick snail :(

tank from one side to the other:

wow, thats crazy expensive. Biff will sell you some, just send her a pm.

And your tank is looking great!

And the cheato grows super well under those CFL squiggly bulbs, i would use those instead of the lights you linked to.
the bulb i have is a flood light with one of those spiral bulbs inside of it. I was in a hurry so i grabbed one with a high amount of lumen output (1300 lumens, 2700k)

and thanks! Im so looking forward to getting corals in there
snail infestation? I came into the living room the other day right before the tank lights came on and noticed hundreds of white baby snails on the live rock and glass. What do i do in this situation? Will most of them die or will i have a large number of snails in the future?

also, i have white spots on the glass. Theyre too small to get a picture of but theyre small, white, and look like they have 4-8 little tentacles. What are these?
they dont look like that, the snails in my tank are all white, probably 1mm in diameter and have round shells. Some of the bigger ones have a little reddish color on the spiral of the shell. Then again, theyre so small its hard to tell.

as for the white specs on the glass, I still havent a clue what they are. they dont move. Just appear from no where within hours after wiping the glass down with the mag float (only to repeat this hours later again)
No spirals, just white specs. Ive done a few searches on google and think i've found my answer, it appears that i have hydroid jellyfish?
more like little jellies. if you google hydroid jellyfish, in the images tab, they look exactly like the first results picture. I really wish i could take a picture of it to be 100% positive thats what they are

My alkalinity test is on its way in the mail along with some aiptasia x. Depending the results of that determines if im ready to dump some money into corals. While waiting on big bird to recover from his ich, I've spent a lot of time observing my tank. I have discovered a few hitch hikers... Let me know which are good and which are bad.

Spaghetti worms
Hundreds of baby snails
Hydroid Jellies
Flatworms (Noticed 3 or 4 today...Very small but move rather quickly for their size, theyre white, and have a forked tail. maybe .5mm in size.
Feather dusters
bristleworm (I barely caught glimpse of this thing, Maybe a half inch in size and was red with white bristles. It came out of a crack in my liverock and was visible maybe 15 seconds before it vanished back where it came from. This is the first time ive seen this thing and am affraid there may be more of them.
vermetid snails (hate these things with a passion):frustrat:

Tank inhabitants:
1x Yellow Tang (Big Bird)
1x brittle star (Medusa)
10x hermits
5x small Turbo snails
3x large Turbo snails
1x Peppermint Shrimp

Sometime next week I will be adding 2x ocellaris clown's (Orange)
and a cleaner shrimp.:^:

Also debating if i should add more snails, I'm starting to see algae forming on my rock and glass.

Heres a few photos i was able to snap while borrowing a friends camera (Theirs was better than mine so i got some good zoomed in shots)

Meet Medusa, Shes shy but i was able to snap a shot of her after tank light went off


Big Bird (White specs are actually the hydroid jellies on the glass. I promise, his ich is cleared up)


Kenya tree (Def alive and has doubled in size)


Mushroom (Can i feed this thing?)

(this thing has doubled in size as well)

pineapple sponge

also have a few small bright yellow sponges on the underside of my liverock.

Jellies (will be glad when these die off, theyre annoying...constantly keep me cleaning glass with mag float :grumble:)

Pretty sure this is aiptasia coming in, have a few spots like this on another piece of live rock. Look dead center of the picture

and if you could, please identify this, I have 2 of these in my tank. I think its some sort of coral because it has grown and gets bigger while the lights are on. I touched it earlier and it retracted its polyps or tentacles closer. (look dead center again of picture on the liverock)


And again, i want to thank everyone here for your help and patience with me. You all have been a tremendous help and have made this new hobby more enjoyable....and addicting. Lol :D
I believe the last one is curly cue anemone. I have one that has been getting smaller and smaller since I added my peppermint shrimp. Some people like them and some consider them a pest. Up to you I guess.
Sorry. Definitely not a curly cue anemone.
I have something that looks similar. I was worried it was hydriods at first, but mine are right next to some zoas with no ill effects so I figure mine are some kind of feather duster colony.
Check this out:
I have one that looks exactly like that right now. It has long tenticals when it showed up on my rock. Now it just has nubs like that picture. Here is what it used to look like