Shep's 20 Gallon Reef

I know is been awhile but I figured I would post an update on the tank. I have a refugium coming in on Wednesday that I am setting up and I have added a plate coral and a ricordia coral. Sadly I lost a large number of my zoas but they seem to be making a comeback and my teacup is thriving so far, theres even a second one starting to grow (or was already there and is just getting larger...not sure). Really would like to get some pink, reds or oranges into the tank to break up the green color dominance that I have going on.


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There are some beautiful brain corals out of Fiji and Australia that have purple and red in them. Oh yea, just wait till that Cespitularia decides it's time to start dividing, lol. Mine went full on nuts and I now have 5 daughter colonies, I hate the word "frag".
Patience is good to have lol. Don't worry though, do your water changes and take care of the tank. The corals will do what they are suppose too :). Keep in mind though, certain things flourish under particular conditions. For example, Acros like pristine water, while zoos prefer "dirty" water. That's not to say it can't survive and grow. But, how fast is entirely up to the tank.