Gold Assessor


Reefing newb
FAMILY - Grammidae

SCIENTIFIC NAME - Assessor flavissimus

COMMON NAME - Gold Assessor Basslet

DESCRIPTION - Bright yellow to dark yellow with bright red outlining its fins. There is typically a orange diagonal bar across the eyes which are circled by light blue.

SIZE – 3” (7.62cm)

RANGE – Coral Sea

MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 20 US Gal. (76 L)

FOODS AND FEEDING - Frozen brine, mysis shrimp and marine fish flesh, vitamin enriched brine shrimp, frozen preparations for carnivores. Feed at least twice a day.

AQUARIUM SUITABILITY – 10, a very hardy fish that acclimates well and is disease resistant.

REEF AQUARIUM COMPATIBILITY – Yes, has no interest in corals or invertebrates.

CAPTIVE CARE – When first introduced it will spend most of its time hiding in the rock but in time it will begin to swim out in the open. Provide ample rock and caves to allow the fish to hide in. It can be kept in groups of 4, with 3 small and one large individual as long as the tank in large enough; a minimum of 100gallons (378.5 L) is recommended for this. In smaller tanks it is best kept singly. Has a preference for swimming upside down but can also swim on its side. Has been known to breed in the home aquarium setting but sexing the fish is near impossible.

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