My vacation in Hawaii


Reefing newb
I am just returning from a few days in Kauai . I have a friend who has been dealing with salt water reef tanks for years. He helped start a forum on the computer called aquaria central I think is the name. Anyway I went out with him getting some fish from the ocean for a few aquariums he takes care of over here. We caught a couple of white yellow and black butterfly fish and some small puffer fish as well. Using a bright spotlight in shallow water at night it was easy to scoop them up with a net. I learned about the do's and dont's of aquarioum keeping in Hawaii. It's very limited . It was fun and the fish we collected are doing very well. We went down by some boat docks where the water was calm and you cold see them with the spotlight. We also saw some very large puffer fish which were inappropriate in size for anything but a huge aquarium. Saw lost of moray eels of various kinds. Most he said were fairly aggressive ones that he did not want for the tanks. All in all it was a good leaning experience for me.