New Guy, New Tank


Reefing newb
Hi, I have very little experience and quite frankly don't know very much other than the research Ive been performing online the past few weeks. I am starting a FOWLR tank and have just set up the tank and am cycling the water. While that is going on I began to create a fish list. Any advice would be considered and appreciated. The list is as follows, with both my interest in the fish and back up options.

The Star:
-Yellow Long nose Butterfly-I know its a little large but will most likely be my only fish bigger than a few inches, and i have already considered its eating habits ect. that being said and additional first hand info on them would be great.
-had originally thought of fox face but they are similar in color and fox face has the dorsal spines and needs larger room, also thought copper band but heard they are more difficult to get eating and doesn't have fox face color pattern.

2nd String:
-I was thinking one of the smaller tangs, maybe a yellow, bristle tooth or atl blue (really like powder brown but i hear they need ample space and are aggressive) but they are also grow large.
-And/Or maybe a small puffer like a leopard toby or a saddle valentini. I hear puffers produce a large bioload and require treatment for there teeth. Also don't want to harass small fish.

Small but bold:
-I was also considering replacing the tang with dwarf angels maybe a lemon peel and a flame, also like multicolor angel and coral beauty(but heard they are aggressive and harder to take care of). How well would these get along or would it be an issue. I see some need to be single but others are okay if introduced together.
- Also possibly one or 2 pearl eye or galaxy clarkii clowns.
-And the long nose hawkfish i love the shape of this little guy and the peppermint pattern, may think of changing for a white band possum wrasse if there was issue with him.
-I also really like harlequin bass but not sure if they would do well together being similar shape and style.
-Yellow head jawfish-not sure of compatibly or if i have enough substrate

-Last I would like advice on the clean up crew with these selections, I like shrimp but I read it would be an problem with some of the fish I was looking towards. Another question is are the clean up crew different for FOWLR than traditional reed.

Obviously I wouldn't have all these fish, However I wanted to offer options of what I like and get y'all opinion on whats practical to try to create a balance. Also keeping in mind there won't be corals unless it is on the live rock will that be a factor for these choice fish. Any help would be fantastic, as I don't have much experience and am on my own with this...let the issues begin
Im not sure exactly I got it used but it is about 4 feet long and after sand and everything else i put about 55gal of RO into so it has to be at least that big
The butterfly fish needs 125g or larger (6' long typically). and those tangs also need a large tank otherwise you will have major aggressive issues. Typically a tang needs 70g or more, but most need 125g and up. that is why I upgraded to a I could get more variety.

Some Dwarf angels would do fine in a 55. You can also check out They typically have a good guideline for fish requirements and temperament.

Welcome to the site!
I have new list but unsure of order to add was thinking first fish royal gramma, and the idk with the rest, the list is longnose hawk, diamond goby, flame angel, yellow longnose butterfly