Rwynn Pico Contest Thread

We saw "Gary" (now renamed Melinda, Jr. as one of rwynn's cuc is already named Gary) swimming around the tank like crazy yesterday. rwynn was convinced he was dying, but he's alive and hiding again today.
Yeah, Mel Jr is dieing, atleast it will, it hasn't eaten noticably since it was put in there almost 3 weeks ago, I supposed it may be pod grazing but I have yet to observe it.

Going to try some smaller foods if he survives the weekend, oh and it appears the angry swimming was him seeing his reflection in the tank...atleast that is my guess.
Ok, I'm thinking the fish is just boring, not dieing, just boring....its been a month and a half, it would have perished by now.

I finally got some pics of the new coral, the hammer looks awesome considering it's mauling today. I need to get my better camera for less fuzzy, but these will have to do.


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Well, I've been away for a bit, really busy with real life stuff. Heres a pic of my tank before it gets torn down. Based on the amount of activity in these posts here I guess no one is really posting much either. I'm moving everything over into a 10g in the office here. Needed a little more leg room, have the salt mixing for the 10g as we speak(and a build thread)!


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Nice work mate, even though the contest is over, i still think you should turn it into a pure reef! :p I dont want to see any rocks!! Haha ;)