Pico Tank


Reefing newb
I am interested in setting up a pico tank that will hold mini saltwater fish and small corals. I am looking for a tank within a budget of $20.00-$100.00. I am trying this because I no longer have my 125 gallon or 30 gallon tank and I do not have enough room in my new house for my biocube. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on tanks and etc. Thanks in advance.
I would just buy a 10G tank, they are cheap and small enough...pico tanks are hard but many have been successful lately
Remember the smaller it is, the more diligently you have to maintain it and keep a constant eye on it. That said, either route would work well.
Thanks for all of the suggestions, I ended up getting a heck of a deal on the Fluval Spec V tank 5.? gallon. The original price was $99.00 and I got it for half price. It apparently was my lucky day. I will be setting it up here soon for my first go at a pico tank. I am very excited as I have always had tanks 10 gallon all the way up to 125 gallon. I am going to be making a live rock/planted aquarium out of it. When I get going on the tank I will post a build thread. Wish me luck!!